Optimize Your Network for SaaS

Monitor SaaS performance, plan network capacity and pinpoint
connectivity issues from within your WAN or wherever employees are.

Reduce Time Spent on Network Analysis

Know instantly whether it's your network, a provider's network or the SaaS application that is
the cause of an outage. Save time, track SLAs and clear tickets faster.

Pinpoint the Source

Locate latency, loss and bandwidth
problems on interfaces and links within
any network, internal or external.

Clear Diagnostics

Immediately isolate root causes:
local DNS issues, routing changes,
ISP failures, application downtime
and faulty infrastructure.

Collaborate with Vendors

Securely share real-time, interactive
data with your SaaS vendors, ISPs
and remote members of your team.

Monitor Your Most Critical SaaS Applications

Monitor site availability, ISP connectivity and Wi-Fi performance to key SaaS applications from Enterprise Agents
in your branch offices and Endpoint Agents located on your employee laptops and desktops.
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