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Customer Digital Experience

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Your Customers’ Experience Is the IT Outcome That Matters Most

To say that your business hinges on digital experience is no understatement. As customer interactions move deeper into the digital realm and customer loyalty becomes increasingly fleeting, perceptions of your digital experience are quickly becoming mission-critical. As a result, organizations are turning to digital experience monitoring to understand and make more manageable today’s complex environment. ThousandEyes provides proactive visibility into the delivery of any web application across any network, so you can detect issues proactively, troubleshoot quickly, reduce churn and deliver the flawless experiences your customers expect from your brand.


Web Performance

To ensure a great digital experience for your customers, you need to account for all aspects of the digital experience supply chain: application availability, usability and dependency. To understand how the Internet and external factors affect your web application uptime, you need visibility into routing, end-to-end paths, performance (such as latency or loss) and hop-by-hop metrics. To understand the usability of your applications, you need to have application-layer data and synthetics to monitor business transactions. To understand the impact of dependencies, such as APIs or microservices, that are built into modern applications, you need visibility into failures anywhere along this complex chain that can have cascading effects on digital experience. ThousandEyes provides you with the cross-layer visibility and synthetics you need to gain insight into performance and quickly troubleshoot issues from real user vantage points.

Application Delivery Infrastructure

Enterprises rely on a number of critical services to deliver applications and media to users around the world. CDNs make up a significant portion of organizations’ delivery infrastructure, and most businesses rely on external DNS providers, as well. As your delivery infrastructure becomes more complex and dependent on third parties, you need insight into their service performance and reachability in real time to address any potential impact on your own business.


Application Assurance

Build applications faster and with fewer errors by testing in Dev what you monitor in Ops. By proactively catching issues and addressing them earlier in the application development process, teams can make optimizations to the code itself and avoid making time-consuming fixes later on. With ThousandEyes’ synthetic transactions, enterprises can start monitoring the same metrics before they go into production and after to catch errors and fix them long before a customer is impacted.

Internet Health & Routing

Internet access and transit is a critical dependency for modern enterprises, and having insight into peering and transit ISP performance is critical to ensure the connectivity digital businesses rely on. Whether you’re a digital business with revenue-producing websites and mobile apps or an enterprise migrating to SD-WAN with direct Internet access to applications running in IaaS or SaaS clouds, monitoring BGP routing, ISP performance and global Internet health is important to ensuring a highly available network service and optimal digital experience for users.

Research Report

Internet Performance Research

A measurement-based study of the availability and performance of the Internet and key app delivery networks before and during COVID-19, including those of public cloud, ISPs, CDNs, and DNS providers.


Internet Integrity

The interconnected, interdependent and trust-based nature of Internet transit makes it vulnerable to security issues in the form of DDoS attacks, BGP route leaks and hijacks and DNS hijacking and cache poisoning. While these examples can be malicious or accidental in origin, they are security concerns nonetheless, exposing Internet traffic to prying eyes or preventing legitimate users from accessing your services. Enterprises need visibility into their Internet transit, DNS providers and DDoS mitigation vendors to ensure security threats to their Internet traffic, and the related impacts to the customer experience, are minimized.

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Why ThousandEyes?

Proactively Monitor from User Locations

Cloud Agents are installed around the world, giving you access to performance data from local transit providers and last-mile ISPs to simulate end user performance.

Correlated Data

Monitor application availability and usability correlated with network connectivity from the perspective of your customers.

Close Your Visibility Gaps

ThousandEyes gives you an outside-in view of web application performance by monitoring your DNS servers and key third-party service providers, like CDNs and ISPs.

Deliver on the Promise of Cloud and Digital Transformation

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