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ThousandEyes Visibility for Your Cisco Technology

Digital transformation efforts have created a modern enterprise environment that is more interconnected and Internet-dependent than ever before. Yet, Internet blind spots related to network services and supporting infrastructure such as, DNS, BGP routing, VPNs, Wi-Fi and more can limit IT’s ability to assure a consistent experience for all its users, wherever they may be located. 

Cisco ThousandEyes integrations are essential to successful digital transformation. ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence complements your existing Cisco solutions, bringing powerful visibility to every dependency that impacts the user experience across the IT ecosystem.

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Explore upcoming ThousandEyes integrations with other Cisco solutions.

ThousandEyes on Meraki MX Devices

Maintaining uninterrupted connectivity between branch sites and applications is critical for employee productivity and operational continuity. With the integration of ThousandEyes on Meraki MX devices, IT teams will be able to understand end-to-end network paths and performance between distributed sites and SaaS applications across their Meraki SD-WAN.

ThousandEyes on Meraki MX Devices

Cisco RoomOS Devices

Employees rely on collaboration applications like Webex by Cisco to stay productive, but unpredictable Internet performance can bring their meetings to a standstill. With ThousandEyes on Webex RoomOS devices, IT teams now have powerful insight into meeting room connectivity, without the need to install and maintain additional software or equipment.

ThousandEyes on Webex RoomOS Devices


ThousandEyes and AppDynamics Bi-directional Integration automatically and seamlessly merges Cisco ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence with Cisco AppDynamics’ advanced application performance monitoring (APM). With this integration, users of ThousandEyes and AppDynamics gain a combined view of the deep insights offered by both solutions in a simple and automated fashion, enabling fast visual correlation of application behavior to underlying network performance, regardless of whether the network is fully private, SD-WAN, or the Internet. The result is immediate and reliable determination of root cause—whether network or application-related—when end-user experience falls below acceptable levels.

AppDynamics and ThousandEyes

Cisco Catalyst 9000

ThousandEyes vantage points on Cisco Catalyst® 9300 and 9400 switches provide you with immediate insight into the digital experience of campus users connecting to any application over any network. This enables you to quickly see detailed metrics and a visualization of network paths between your campus and the critical SaaS and multi-cloud hosted services that lay outside of your direct control. ThousandEyes vantage points are natively supported on Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series switches to provide in-depth visibility into both underlay and overlay network performance, enabling you to correlate external service delivery paths with internal LAN and network device metrics, as well as to receive alerts on the health and availability of all services connected to the campus.

Solution Brief

Network Service Assurance on Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches

ThousandEyes runs directly on Cisco Nexus® 9300 and 9500 Series data center switches, enabling teams to easily deploy and maintain ThousandEyes in your data center to quickly isolate and resolve SaaS, WAN, and cloud performance issues and improve digital experiences over any network.

Cisco SD-WAN

ThousandEyes’ enterprise vantage points are natively integrated within Cisco SD-WAN routing platforms, enabling you to quickly get hop-by-hop visibility into the network underlay, including detailed path and performance metrics, as well as the ability to measure and proactively monitor overlay and SaaS app performance. The ThousandEyes agents are included with supported Cisco Catalyst® 8300 and 8200 Series Edge Platforms and Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers (ISRs), enabling you to see every Layer 3 hop across the network underlay and correlate network and application performance to quickly solve user-impacting issues—without the need for separate computing infrastructure.


Cisco SASE

Secure access service edge (SASE) brings together secure connectivity and cloud-delivered security so that workers can securely access services and applications from wherever they are, with optimal performance. ThousandEyes provides actionable insights that IT and Ops teams can use to resolve incidents quickly with better outcomes for the end user. With ThousandEyes visibility for SASE, you can see every Layer 3 hop across the network underlay—from remote users and SD-WAN sites to secure edge, and from secure edge to application servers. In addition, you can use page load waterfalls and multistep transactions to better understand how users are experiencing an application.


Webex by Cisco

ThousandEyes enhances collaboration experiences by providing end-to-end visibility between user locations and Webex® conferencing services. With ThousandEyes Cloud Agents in Webex data centers and embedded Endpoint Agents in RoomOS devices, user experience is proactively simulated to understand and optimize performance before it impacts users. Endpoint Agent metrics are conveniently sent to the Webex Control Hub dashboard for streamlined troubleshooting, enabling efficient resolution of performance issues. 

Using Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Stream testing, ThousandEyes Enterprise and Cloud agents track key experience metrics, such as Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), Packet Delay Variation (PDV), latency, loss, and discards. ThousandEyes automatically discovers Webex endpoints, dramatically simplifying testing for dynamic multimedia video conferencing and Webex calling sessions.


2023 Global Networking Trends Report

This Cisco study explores the latest technology and operations trends for how organizations are evolving their networks to support secure multi-cloud connectivity for people, places, and things.

2023 Global Networking Trends Report

Cisco Stories

See how ThousandEyes works with Cisco solutions

Keller ISD Increases Connectivity for Students

"Now that we have the time and technology, we can start looking at the individual experience, not just the campus."

Vaughan Hamblen, Executive Director of Technology
Modern WAN
First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) Chooses Cisco FSO

“The combination of AppDynamics and ThousandEyes will give us deeper visibility across the full digital supply chain. As we continue on our path to full-stack observability, we’ll be equipped to deliver stellar experiences for our customers.”

Emma Lewis, Head of Technology Service Management at FAB

Full Stack Observability
FICO Turns to AppDynamics and ThousandEyes

"While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes gives us unprecedented visibility into every app and service we run as well as letting us track network traffic hops inside and outside of our environment. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly, and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance."

Hari Vittal, Senior Engineer, FICO

App Experience

ThousandEyes + AppDynamics Solution Brief

ThousandEyes and AppDynamics address the challenges of cloud and Internet-centric enterprise environments to provide a proactive and comprehensive view of application experience.

ThousandEyes + AppDynamics Solutions Brief cover page

Campus Service Assurance with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches

ThousandEyes' Internet and Cloud Intelligence is joining forces with the Catalyst 9000 family of switches to bring end-to-end visibility—from switch to SaaS—to IT teams, so they can see and manage networks and applications that they rely on but do not directly control.

Cisco SD-WAN and ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence

By combining the power of Cisco SD-WAN and ThousandEyes, you can now rapidly pinpoint the source of application and network disruptions and gain actionable insights to optimize performance and accelerate resolution time—ultimately improving the digital experience for every user.


Webex Monitoring

ThousandEyes Webex Agents enables greater visibility into the entire network path so that IT can resolve user-impacting issues quickly, identify root causes, and take proactive measures to improve performance before users are impacted.

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