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Digital Experience. Internet Scale.

Your customer and employee digital experiences rely on a vast ecosystem of ISPs, cloud providers, SaaS applications and many other external services that are critically dependent on the Internet. Yet, the complex and interdependent nature of the Internet makes outage detection and troubleshooting performance issues extremely difficult, and no single enterprise can monitor it alone.

ThousandEyes Internet Insights™ combines a massive data set with algorithmic outage detection to provide near real-time insights into the SaaS applications and networks your business relies on. With Internet Insights, you can manage digital experience at Internet scale.

Collective Intelligence for Authoritative Insight

ThousandEyes agents located across the Internet perform billions of measurements each day, creating a massive data set on when and where traffic flows are disrupted at the network-interface and application-server levels. This collective intelligence derived from sophisticated algorithms enables operations teams to rapidly identify, escalate and remediate issues with providers using concrete Internet telemetry data, rather than public rumor.

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Network Outages: Powerful Visibility Across the Internet

Network outages can be highly disruptive and difficult to isolate—particularly if they take place within an upstream service provider. Internet Insights detects network outages across the Internet by algorithmically identifying common points where traffic is terminating within service provider networks. When outage behavior is detected, the autonomous system (AS) is isolated and the outage is presented visually via geographical and topological views. This powerful visibility helps IT operations perform network monitoring and isolate root causes when network performance or reachability of key infrastructure drops with respect to latency or packet loss.

ThousandEyes Path Visualization

Application Outages: Trusted ​​Visibility for Business-critical SaaS Apps

Managing user experience for SaaS applications can be challenging given the complexity of services today and how broadly users are distributed. Internet Insights provides immediate visibility into application availability, the nature of the outage, and its scale and geographic scope. With this information in hand, IT can eliminate unnecessary troubleshooting cycles and quickly (and confidently) communicate to stakeholders and employees.

Application Outages Timeline View

Internet Insights: Application Outages

Watch this on-demand tutorial to see how Internet Insights: Application Outages provides near real-time insight into outages that impact the apps that power your workforce.

Collaborate With Providers Proactively

Determining the ideal providers for your use case, and managing them successfully over time, can be challenging in the absence of a large, authoritative data set. Internet Insights tracks network and SaaS application provider outages in a timeline view so you can evaluate and compare similar applications to make the best vendor decisions for your business. You can also use concrete performance metrics to effectively collaborate with providers to optimize performance, enforce SLAs and reduce MTTR.


Large Multinational Investment Bank

"Being able to look beyond our own view of the Internet to instantly verify if an issue is unique to us, or if it's a larger issue impacting others, is incredibly useful information to have when an application performance issue is impacting our customers or our employees. That data allows me to immediately escalate the conversation with the service provider that's causing the issue because I can show them it's not just us, but their issue is impacting several other major businesses, too. It helps them effectively prioritize issue remediation, and it helps us to be able to confidently communicate what's going on to our customers, which is a win-win for everyone."

Oleg Onatzevitch


Global Outages. Geographically Visualized.

Designed for IT Helpdesk and network operations centers (NOCs), the Internet Insights overview dashboard superimposes recent and ongoing outages onto a global map to provide IT teams a high-level visualization of Internet health. Customized reports and dashboards can be used to track outages and their impact on your services and report on the quality of your service providers.

Internet Insights Outage Dashboard View

Fueled by Data. Not by Sentiment.


See how Internet outages impact digital experience for end users, whether customers and employees.


Engage customers and employees using concrete third-party data rather than unreliable social sentiment.


Share data with service providers for their network management activities so they can prioritize fixes or escalate to peers and transit providers.


EMA Research

"However resilient the Internet may be, at the end of the day, it's still rife with problems that have material impacts on businesses that rely on it existentially for their day-to-day operations. Internet Insights gives the collective whole a clear advantage in managing what is inherently a collective problem. Ultimately, faster remediation of service outages improves the overall quality and performance of the global Internet, making worldwide connectivity more reliable than ever."

Shamus McGillicuddy



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Learn how a large multinational investment bank uses Internet Insights to gain visibility into outage events beyond its corporate perimeter.


Unrivaled Insight Through Collective Intelligence

Learn how Internet Insights enables operations teams to leverage aggregated Internet telemetry data—rather than public rumor—to rapidly identify, escalate and remediate business-critical network and SaaS application issues, as well as communicate more effectively with customers and providers.

Why ThousandEyes?

Managing the Internet is a modern business imperative

Your customers and employees expect applications and services to be reachable on demand, at all times. Anything less than that can damage your revenue and reputation.

The Internet is unpredictable and prone to outages

The fabric of the global Internet is comprised of an interconnected web of infrastructure and providers. The complex nature of the Internet makes it especially vulnerable to outages.

No business can monitor the Internet alone

Most monitoring efforts focus on the provider’s network topology and infrastructure that you know about, but the interconnected nature of the Internet introduces risks well beyond your sphere of control.

Outages happen. Internet Insights can help you overcome them with confidence.

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