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Healthcare Organizations Face Multiple Challenges

Suboptimal usability and performance of patient-facing applications can lead to patient churn and damage to the care provider's brand

Critical, latency-sensitive medical applications and workflows require continuous and reliable connectivity for seamless operations and effective care delivery

Short-staffed clinicians and administrative staff can experience lower productivity and morale due to increased friction in their digital working environment

Outages and services disruptions to core systems like electronic health records (EHRs) can affect the ability to deliver continuous and reliable care

Assure Clinician and Patient Digital Experience With ThousandEyes

Seamless Patient Interactions

Assure the network, cloud infrastructure, and APIs responsible for key patient touchpoints, including patient-facing web applications and telehealth SaaS apps.

Productive Clinician Experiences

Mitigate ongoing staffing constraints by optimizing the performance of critical productivity, collaboration, and medical SaaS applications for reliable access over VPNs and SASE environments.

Secure, Resilient Infrastructure

Monitor from inside the hospital LAN/WAN environments and out to the Internet to quickly identify outages and traffic anomalies associated with BGP hijacks or DDoS attacks.

See Everywhere That Matters—From Home to Healthcare Facilities

Diagram showing how ThousandEyes helps across an end-to-end service delivery architecture

Ensure patient satisfaction by emulating app transactions and API calls.

Remote Clinicians

Monitor remote working infrastructure for the clinician; VPN gateways, Wi-Fi, and VDI systems.


Reduce the risk of service disruptions due to DDoS attacks, BGP route leaks and DNS hijacks.


Minimize outage impact from your upstream/downstream ISPs.

SaaS, Cloud-based EHR

Visualize connectivity and API functionality from external services, such as EHR systems.

Hospital & Clinic

Troubleshoot connectivity issues impacting the patient experience in the hospital.

Hospital & Clinic

Troubleshoot performance issues impacting digital workflows for critical services, like medicine distribution.


Support IT services and applications across your core infrastructure, cloud, and WAN from each clinic, call center, hospital, and office.


Troubleshoot connectivity issues and monitor the experience of critical applications from the perspective of your staff.

Leading Healthcare Organizations Trust ThousandEyes

This leader in hospital management uses ThousandEyes to address performance challenges within their WAN and SaaS applications

Providing Reliable Patient Care at a Leading Hospital Management Solution

Learn how a leading hospital management solution uses ThousandEyes to address performance challenges within its internal WAN and SaaS applications 

Monitoring Remote Workers at AIM Specialty Health

See how AIM Specialty Health uses ThousandEyes to troubleshoot network connectivity and application experience for remote workers


How the Internet Affects Coverage at a Major Health Insurer

Learn how a major health insurance company unlocks effective insights and deeper visibility while managing its remote workforce

What Customers Are Saying

"The burden of proof often comes back to the network team—it falls on us to demonstrate that it’s not. With ThousandEyes, we already know where the problem is. We know with 100% certainty the issue is outside of our network."
Lead Engineer
Hospital Management Solution
"Any lost calls—especially during enrollment periods—is lost business for us. Having ThousandEyes enabled us to know where the problem was and reroute traffic from that connection point, thus avoiding that potential loss of business."
Director of Network Engineering
Healthcare Services Provider

Explore How ThousandEyes Helps You See Every Connection That Matters


Delivering Exceptional Digital Experiences in Healthcare


Assuring Digital Experiences for Patients and Healthcare Providers

Assure Reliable and Connected Digital Experiences With ThousandEyes

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