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See Before You SASE

Secure access service edge (SASE) brings together secure connectivity and cloud-delivered security so that workers can securely access services and applications from wherever they are, with optimal performance. However, when enterprises move to SASE, they become more dependent on an increasing number of external networks and services that they do not own and that traditional tools can’t monitor—resulting in blind spots that prevent IT from identifying and resolving issues that impact digital experience.  

Now that workers are everywhere, apps are in the cloud, and the Internet is effectively the new enterprise network, how do enterprises ensure digital experience when they no longer own the underlying transport, services, and applications that their business relies on? And, how do they isolate and resolve issues when so many domains and providers are involved in delivering every digital experience?

SASE Complexity Requires SASE Visibility

When moving towards a SASE approach, enterprises face several challenges in ensuring the digital experience of their workforce. 

Remote Workforce

Remote workers in uncontrolled environments connecting to applications that you don’t own.

Cloud-based Security

Cloud-based security introduces an intermediary service that adds more complexity to the digital experience supply chain.

SD-WAN and Secure Client Access

The Internet is serving as the underlay for your secure connectivity.

End-to-End Visibility Across Your SASE Environment

ThousandEyes provides actionable insights that IT and Ops teams can use to resolve incidents quickly with better outcomes for the end user. With ThousandEyes, organizations get end-to-end visibility—from the user to the secure edge to every application.

Gain Insight Into the Network Underlay

See every Layer 3 hop across the network underlay—from remote users and SD-WAN sites to secure edge, and from secure edge to application servers.


Monitor Workforce Application Experience

Understand how users are experiencing an application with page load waterfalls and metrics, and multistep transactions that go beyond an application’s front door, including login availability and application workflows.

Get Actionable Visibility Into Service Dependencies

Detect service disruptions in ISP networks as well as secure edge and DNS providers, and see how they impact application availability, response times, and page load performance.


Share Evidence and Collaborate With Providers

Use ThousandEyes’ correlated insights to quickly identify the source of issues, gain effective escalations, manage providers, and communicate with authority to key stakeholders, so you can deliver optimal user experiences.


See Before You SASE: Optimizing Digital Experience for a Secure Hybrid Workforce

SASE unites secure connectivity and cloud-delivered security but relies on an increasing number of external networks and services that traditional monitoring tools can’t address, but ThousandEyes can.

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Why ThousandEyes?

Gain visibility into any network as if it belonged to you

Understand workforce application experience

Correlate insights to identify the source of issues quickly

ThousandEyes can help you see before you SASE. Reach out to us today.

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