Global Monitoring Vantage Points

Visibility from Everywhere that Matters

Vantage Points for Complete Visibility

ThousandEyes offers a variety of vantage points from which you can run layered monitoring tests to gain insight into network and application performance and user experience.
Different vantage points offered by ThousandEyes

Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents provide globally distributed vantage points throughout the Internet and are maintained by ThousandEyes. They are located in 200 cities and are connected to Tier 1, 2 and 3 ISPs, broadband service providers and regional data centers of major cloud providers.
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Enterprise Agents

Enterprise Agents provide visibility from within your data centers, cloud VPCs/VNETs and branches. In addition to active monitoring, Enterprise Agents also offer SNMP-based monitoring, as well as discovery and topological mapping of internal network devices.
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Endpoint Agents

Endpoint Agents offer end user experience monitoring and deploy on Mac and Windows devices. Periodic user monitoring is performed via HTTP and network monitoring tests that include insight into routing paths. Real-time monitoring can be enabled via an optional browser-based plugin.
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