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Our customers use network intelligence to discover unparalleled insights about
user experience, business operations and employee productivity.
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Network Insights You Won't Soon Forget

"ThousandEyes provides Evernote insights to better understand the end user impact of
network changes as well as improve traffic engineering and interactions with transit
providers. These connections help store millions of stories in the cloud."
Matt Hite
Network Engineer

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"ThousandEyes' ability to debug problems across enterprise networks and the Internet has helped us improve performance and keep our enterprise customers happy."
Allan Leinwand Chief Technology Officer
"ThousandEyes is a game changer to see the quality of your connections outside of your organization."
Ivan Shepherd Sr. Manager, Networking
& Technical Security

Customer Stories

Internet Outages
Visibility Beyond the
Corporate Perimeter
End User Experience
The Unpredictable Nature of
Delivering Financial Services
Over the Internet
Internet Outages
Moving Money with
Internet Insights™
Internet Outages
How a Top Financial Services Firm Gains Visibility Outside the Corporate Perimeter
Web Performance
Monitoring Real-Time Video
Delivery Infrastructure at Viacom
Web Performance
Tackling Network and Application
Performance Issues at NXP
Web Performance
Optimizing Network and
Application Performance at NXP
Protecting Digital Businesses and
Service Availability at Neustar
Web Performance
Squiz Ensures Quality of Digital
Experience by Gaining Visibility
into Website Connectivity
Enterprise Networks
Providing Reliable Patient Care
at US Acute Care Solutions
Web Performance
Yottaa Delivers Accelerated
eCommerce Website Performance
Using ThousandEyes
Time2Market Ensures High Quality
SaaS VoIP for their Customers
Cloud & SaaS
CINgroup Speeds Problem
Resolution for Legal SaaS
Cloud & SaaS
Building a Better Digital
Experience at Hyphen Solutions
Web Performance
Visualizing a Better Internet
Enterprise Networks
Making Hybrid Cloud Perform
for a Modern Retailer
Cloud & SaaS
ServiceNow Uses ThousandEyes to Ensure Great Digital Experience
Cloud & SaaS
Making 'Cloud First'
a Reality at Atkins
Network Intelligence
Customer Stories:
Shining a Light on the Network
Cloud & SaaS
Delivering Fast-Paced Gaming
Experiences at Hi-Rez Studios
Cloud & SaaS
Solving Service Provider
Issues at Hi-Rez Studios
Cloud & SaaS
Fighting DDoS Attacks
at Hi-Rez Studios
Enterprise Networks
Monitoring Internet-based
Networks at Quantcast
Enterprise Networks
Monitoring Global Data Center
Reachability at ServiceNow
End User Experience
Running Low Latency on Hi-
Rez's Online Gaming Network
Cloud & SaaS
Optimizing WAN to Deliver
SharePoint Online Globally
Enterprise Networks
Monitoring the Pixel Serving
Architecture at Quantcast
Cloud & SaaS
Removing Network Performance
Blind Spots at Zendesk
Cloud & SaaS
The Customer View of
Application Delivery
at Zendesk
End User Experience
Monitoring Remote Workers
at AIM Specialty Health
Enterprise Networks
Telecommuter Visibility
at AIM Specialty Health
Cloud & SaaS
Building Customer Trust
with Network Intelligence
at RichRelevance
Cloud & SaaS
Monitoring Internet Performance at Evernote
Cloud & SaaS
Creating Trust with Network Intelligence at RichRelevance
Cloud & SaaS
Powering Personalization at RichRelevance
Cloud & SaaS
Troubleshooting Cloud Services at Cisco
Cloud & SaaS
Enterprise Agents and Performance in China at Zendesk
Enterprise Networks
Using Data to Determine Where to Build a New Data Center
Network Intelligence
Operational Analytics: Data is the New Soil
Enterprise Networks
DigitalOcean, Networking and ThousandEyes
Web Performance
Monitoring Website Performance at Shutterstock
Network Intelligence
Creating Network Transparency at DigitalOcean
Web Performance
Supporting eHarmony's
Global Expansion
Web Performance
Global Network Monitoring
at eHarmony
Cloud & SaaS(16)
End User Experience(3)
Enterprise Networks(9)
Internet Outages(3)
Network Intelligence(3)
Web Performance(9)