Meet. Learn. Share. Network.

ThousandEyes Connect is a live event for people that live and breathe networks —
and are dedicated to solving the industry's toughest challenges.

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New York November 9, 2017

What is Connect?

A half-day event with
thought-provoking presentations,
direct Q&A and great food.

Why Attend?

Learn tips and techniques
from other network operators
in the trenches.

Who Will Be There?

Network engineers
and architects from leading
global firms, large and small.

Previous ThousandEyes Connect Guest Speakers

Aldrin Isaac
Alexander Barrere
Andrea Di Lecce
Andreas Heidoetting
Andy Quig
Daniel Shanahan
Darrell Westbury
Donavan Fritz
Eugene Yaacobi
Geoff Wade
Ivan Shepherd
Jim Morrison
Kevin Duffey
Luca Salvatore
Matt Lee
Matt Weinberg
Nabil Ismail
Scot Clark
Scott Hinckley
Steve Lerner
Steve Loyd
Tim Franklin
Viet Nguyen

Previous ThousandEyes Connect Events and Sessions

June 8, 2017
Santa Clara
Benchmarking Your Service Providers for Application Delivery
Viet Nguyen, PayPal
How Intuit Monitors Connectivity to AWS
Daniel Shanahan, Intuit
How Netflix Manages IP Addresses within AWS
Donavan Fritz, Netflix
April 20, 2017
Automating Web Transaction Monitoring for Customer Experience
Scott Hinckley, Microsoft
Creating Visibility across Your WAN and SaaS Apps
Tim Franklin, Columbia Sportswear
December 7, 2016
New York - Fall
Optimizing WAN to Deliver SaaS SharePoint Globally
Scot Clark, Unilever
Running Low Latency on a Global Online Gaming Network
Nabil Ismail, Hi-Rez Studios
November 17, 2016
San Francisco - Fall
Measuring and Troubleshooting Performance of Global Datacenters
Geoff Wade, ServiceNow
Monitoring the Distributed Pixel Serving Infrastructure
Jim Morrison, Quantcast
May 19, 2016
New York
Anycast and DNS Resolution at Verisign
Matt Weinberg, Verisign
Supporting a Shift to Teleworkers at AIM Specialty Health
Ivan Shepherd, AIM Specialty Health
Webcasting across CDNs, Offices and the Cloud at Nasdaq
Andreas Heidoetting, Nasdaq
March 15, 2016
San Francisco
How Microsoft Keeps Azure Services Reachable
Andy Quig, Microsoft
Monitoring Performance across Data Centers and in China
Steve Loyd, Zendesk
Powering Personalization at RichRelevance
Kevin Duffey, RichRelevance
Troubleshooting Cloud Services at Cisco
Andrea Di Lecce, Cisco
October 16, 2015
New York
How Tier 1 Support can Reduce the Network Engineering Burden
Luca Salvatore, DigitalOcean
Operational Analytics: Data is the New Soil
Darrell Westbury, Credit Suisse
Using Data to Determine Where to Build a New Data Center
Eugene Yaacobi, Shutterstock
May 13, 2015
San Francisco
Better than Best Effort: Reliability on the Internet
Aldrin Isaac, Bloomberg
CDN Performance at eBay
Steve Lerner, eBay
Operating Global Anycast CDNs
Matt Lee, Twitter
Oracle Public Cloud Operations
Alexander Barrere, Oracle

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New York November 9, 2017