Share in the Vision of Network Intelligence

Unparalleled network visibility helps your customers succeed
in a world of new WAN and cloud architectures.

ThousandEyes Channel Partner Program

Our Channel Partner Program has a structure that best suits your business model and clients' needs.

Referral Partner

Spread the message, refer new business and reap the rewards.

Reseller Partner

Manage the customer relationship, and pave the way for recurring revenue and success.
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Bring Network Intelligence to Your Clients

Get access to training, support and other exclusive terms with the ThousandEyes Channel Partner Program.

How You'll Succeed

We measure our success by solving real problems, day in and day out,
for our clients. We're here to help you do the same.
Solve Tough Challenges
Develop Long-Term Value
Backed by Experts
Provide novel solutions for app delivery, WAN performance, Internet security and cloud migration.
Foster recurring relationships and revenue with a SaaS-based subscription model.
Get set up for success with training, sales support and our Customer Success Center.

A Proven Track Record

Join leading consulting firms, systems integrators and resellers in delivering
solutions for ever-changing and demanding network environments.
"As our customers embrace cloud and mobility their network becomes a strategic asset that provides fast, reliable and secure connectivity to employees, customers and partners. We're thrilled to bring ThousandEyes solutions to our customers, enabling them to operate confidently and effectively in the cloud."
Kevin Scully Director of Sales & Marketing
"Cloud networking has become a critical business platform in every client we work with. ThousandEyes gives our clients the visibility and monitoring efficiency they need to ensure performance."
Jeremy O'Dette Managing Partner

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