Remote User Experience Offer

In response to COVID-19, many organizations have implemented a remote working policy. This has increased the pressure on corporate IT and network teams to manage a distributed workforce, potentially for an extended period.

To assist with managing your end-user experience, ThousandEyes is offering free access to our End User Monitoring until July 31, 2020.
With ThousandEyes, your teams will be empowered to:
  • Visualize end-to-end SaaS and web application performance
  • Get real-time insights into WiFi, WAN & Internet health
  • Proactively monitor VPN gateways, critical for accessing employee apps
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Enrollment for this offer ends on June 30, 2020.

Complete Visibility For Your Remote Workforce


Individual User Experience

End-user Monitoring on desktops and laptops to troubleshoot local connectivity and end-to-end application delivery.

SaaS & Web Apps

Measure performance of any browser-based app, whether SaaS, externally or internally-hosted.

Remote Employee Access

Visibility of remote access services, such as VPN or RAS, from the employee perspective.

Troubleshoot Connectivity for
Each User Session

Endpoint Agents combine page load performance data from employee browsers with monitoring of wireless and wired networks, gateways, proxies, VPNs, your WAN and the Internet.

Collect and Secure End-User
Performance Data Globally

Endpoint Agents are easy to deploy and maintain through the ThousandEyes platform. We rigorously test the agent code, communications and data to meet strict privacy and security requirements.

Quickly Close IT Helpdesk Tickets

Rapidly drill down to real user sessions and network connectivity to identify and solve individual employee issues.

Solve Tricky Wireless Issues

Monitor WiFi performance, including signal quality, congestion and errors.

Gain Real-time Visibility into Employees' Digital Experience

Ensure employee productivity with ThousandEyes End-user Monitoring, delivering real-time visibility into every employee's digital experience from any location to any web application.

Remote User Experience Offer

Reach out soon. Enrollment for this offer ends on June 30, 2020.

What Our Customers Say

"ThousandEyes gives us a really good viewpoint into what our customers are experiencing across the globe."
Steve Loyd
VP, Engineering Operations

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"ThousandEyes provides insights to better understand
the end user impact of network changes as well as
improve traffic engineering and interactions with
transit providers."
Matt Hite Network Engineer
"ThousandEyes gives us insight into network
dependencies outside our network perimeter,
enabling us to proactively address issues before
they affect customers."
Ashu Varshney VP, Cloud Service Operations

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