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Admiral Assures Its Digital Platform With ThousandEyes

By Kate Speights
| | 4 min read


Admiral, a UK-based insurance and financial services company with a global workforce, uses ThousandEyes to bolster its digital offerings and network stability to meet the needs of its digitally oriented customers.

Admiral is a leading insurance company based in the UK that has been practicing the concept of evolution for three decades. It has come a long way since its inception as a car insurance specialist and now offers diversified insurance and financial services solutions, including home and travel insurance, personal loans, and car finance.

With a workforce of over 11,000 employees spread across eight countries, Admiral is at the forefront of digital transformation in its sector. And with ThousandEyes, it has accelerated that transformation with more reliable digital experiences on its network-based platforms for employees and customers.  

Consumer Behavior Changes Insurance

The insurance industry has experienced a significant transformation in the way customers interact with it. Nowadays, nearly every step of the customer journey is digital, from researching policies to comparing prices, buying coverage, and filing claims. This shift has led to increased transparency in pricing, making it easier for consumers to compare offers and switch providers.

Amidst this digital revolution, Admiral recognized that effectively managing the vast amount of data it required was a formidable challenge. "There is business value in analyzing the data, but managing that data is incredibly complex," remarked Luke Erickson, head of IT service operations at Admiral.

The company's data management thus transitioned from relying solely on on-premises solutions to integrating multiple cloud environments spread throughout Europe. This shift ushered in a new reality where business services, which once depended on minimal network travel, now require extensive network journeys.  

More, Extensive Network Journeys 

With a customer base increasingly inclined to interact solely through digital platforms, network performance has become mission-critical for Admiral. The company's online digital platform has seen a significant increase in network journeys, reflecting the growth of services offered.

To better manage its extensive network operations, Admiral turned to ThousandEyes. And after a year-long collaboration mapping their network, the results were clear. "We were able to design a ThousandEyes solution that fit us. Then deployment was rapid—it took about two weeks," praised Admiral’s head of IT service operations.

The impact of this deployment on Admiral's service level agreements (SLAs) has been profound. "We haven’t breached our SLA in the past 12 months," said Erikson, a testament to the effectiveness of the ThousandEyes solution. Additionally, the IT organization has begun to rely on the ThousandEyes solution and reporting, marking another win for the Admiral IT team.

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