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Assuring Quality Patient Care at Birmingham Community Healthcare

By Chris Wortt
| | 3 min read


Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC), serving over 1.1 million people, overcame network latency challenges and improved patient care with ITGL's implementation of ThousandEyes.

In the heart of Birmingham, a dedicated team of 5,000 people is powering the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BCHC). They provide over 100 unique NHS services, catering to all stages of life, from newborns to the elderly. This remarkable team serves the 1.1 million people of Birmingham, extending their specialist rehabilitation and dental services to an impressive 6.5 million people across the wider West Midlands region.

Yet, like any great venture in the digital age, BCHC faced its fair share of hurdles when it came to its network infrastructure. One significant issue was the high latency reported on the network, particularly when accessing an essential clinical app tied to the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. This difficulty created hurdles in patient care, affecting the efficiency of BCHC's staff and generating frustration as they worked to maintain the high-quality service they were dedicated to delivering. With no visible connectivity issues, pinning down the problem was like performing open-heart surgery in the dark. 

Enter ThousandEyes, a pivotal solution rolled out through the strategic vision of ITGL. With a keen understanding of the challenges at hand, ITGL was instrumental in identifying and selecting ThousandEyes.

With deep, correlated visibility across network layers, ThousandEyes delivered just what BCHC needed to streamline its services and enhance the experiences of its staff and patients. With ThousandEyes, BCHC's IT team now has the necessary data and evidence at their fingertips, enabling them to swiftly and accurately pinpoint network or latency-sensitive application performance issues. Now, when similar issues arise, BCHC has the reassurance that it can quickly overcome them and continue to provide top-notch care to its patients.

Ready to dive deeper into BCHC’s journey? Find out how BCHC tackled its network challenges head-on with ThousandEyes in the full case study.

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