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Celebrating the “Customer Advocate of the Year” at Cisco Live 2024

By Kate Speights
| | 3 min read


Room & Board's Senior Network Engineer, Mark Rodrigue, has been awarded Americas Customer Advocate of the Year at Cisco Live 2024. The Cisco Customer Advocate Awards recognize outstanding contributors who have used Cisco products and solutions to drive innovation.

Room & Board stands at the forefront of technological innovation in retail and has become a standout customer for Cisco. At the heart of their success story is Mark Rodrigue, a Senior Network Engineer whose passionate advocacy has catapulted Room & Board into the spotlight and garnered the illustrious 2024 Americas Customer Advocate of the Year award. 

The Cisco Customer Advocate Awards recognizes outstanding contributors who have used Cisco products and solutions to drive innovation. These advocates have shared their successes through various platforms, such as thought leadership contributions, case studies, speaking engagements, and product reviews.

The selection process was highly competitive, with over 100 nominations from customer advocates across the Americas. A panel of more than 32 judges, including Cisco leaders, engineers, architects, and technical specialists carefully evaluated the nominees to identify the most deserving candidates.

Room & Board Assures Digital Experiences With ThousandEyes 

In 2020, Room & Board, an independent, employee-owned retailer of modern furniture and home decor, adapted to hybrid work and used technology to stay connected with customers and form partnerships with design professionals. This approach expanded their market presence and led to new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. 

To support their evolving work dynamic, Room & Board's IT team prioritized reliable Internet connectivity and turned to ThousandEyes to help make it a reality. This strategic move allowed their hybrid workforce to seamlessly access essential applications and effectively engage with customers using cloud-based collaboration platforms.

To learn more about Mark’s story, read the Room & Board case study.

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