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Four Cisco Live Sessions You Won’t Want to Miss

By Sean R. Coombs
| | 9 min read


Catch these sessions at Cisco Live 2021 to learn how ThousandEyes’ visibility can help your team build, deploy and manage a network for the future.

Each year, Cisco Live brings together the brightest minds in networking, cloud and Internet for several days of rich conversation. This year’s totally-virtual Cisco Live event promises to deliver more of the same in a much more socially distanced format. As organizations globally embrace the new enterprise reality, this digital format reminds just how much the pandemic has altered our working lives—and how incredibly dependent we have become upon the Internet.

This year, ThousandEyes is officially part of Cisco, and we are excited to be bringing you a number of relevant sessions aimed at helping network professionals gear-up for the post-pandemic enterprise. In this blog, we’ll cover four sessions hosted by the ThousandEyes team that you’ll want to make sure to catch, as well as several related sessions that we recommend adding to your agenda. The following times are for the North American audience, but additional streaming options are available on the session pages—and if there’s an overlap, don’t panic, you can watch all of these sessions on demand after the event.

1. Cloud Networking: From the Edge and Back
March 30, 1:00 PM PT
Session ID: DLBINT-41

As enterprise workloads move beyond the corporate perimeter and multi-cloud becomes the new de-facto for IT operations, networks and infrastructure must adapt to meet changing business needs. Today’s IT organizations need to deliver greater agility with better visibility without compromising security. In this session, you’ll hear from Mohit Lad, VP & General Manager at Cisco & Cofounder and CEO of ThousandEyes, and Scott Harrell, SVP & GM of Intent-based Networking at Cisco, as they discuss networking strategies that address the rapidly evolving cloud edge. They will also share their key considerations for evaluating SD-WAN, SASE and cloud networking solutions.​

2. Service Assurance for the New Enterprise Reality
March 30, 1:00 PM PT
Session ID: BRKAPP-2223

As internally developed applications increase their reliance on third-party API services accessed over Internet and cloud networks, ensuring app performance and meeting service level objectives can be extremely difficult. At the same time, SaaS applications are becoming more critical to the functioning of the business. Join this session to hear from Joe Dougherty, Product Manager for Browser Synthetics at ThousandEyes (part of Cisco), about how enterprises today are grappling with the challenges of managing applications. You’ll learn how enterprises can successfully manage application experience, and how ThousandEyes insights into external networks and services can help you fill in visibility gaps that put user experience at risk.

3. Optimizing Application Experiences
March 30, 12:30 PM PT
Session ID: DLBINT-45

As you continue your transformation towards becoming a digital business, how do you guarantee the application experience? Join Liz Centoni, SVP of Strategy, Emerging Technologies and Incubation at Cisco, to hear why a holistic approach is required for optimizing application experiences. She’ll explain how Cisco helps you to deliver optimal application experiences through an integrated and open set of solutions—bringing visibility, insights and automated actions together in a powerful way.

4. The Cloud-Sized Hole in Your Monitoring Stack
On Demand
Session ID: BRKCLD-2001

Ineffective cloud-native tooling and a lack of visibility over the Internet can lead to serious drawbacks, including poor user experience, a drop in project success rates, and a spike in service desk costs—among many others. This session, presented by Jack Riach, Technical Solutions Specialist at Cisco, will walk you through the impact that a lack of cloud and Internet monitoring can have, and how Cisco fills these gaps with the ThousandEyes platform.

Related Sessions to Catch at Cisco Live

In addition to the ThousandEyes-hosted sessions above, below are several additional sessions in which you can learn more about how ThousandEyes complements a variety of use cases, from campus connectivity to application experience.

    • Building for the Campus of the Future (March 30, 10:30 AM PT)
      In this session, you’ll learn how the Cisco Catalyst 9000 builds a strong foundation for the software-defined campus and provides unmatched value with each port. Hear about the latest advancements and innovations in this space, including how to provide secure access with endpoint visibility.
    • AWS, Azure or GCP? Examining Key Differences in Connectivity Architectures (On Demand)
      Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud all significantly invest in their backbone networks and global regional data center presence to support their performance requirements. But how do these major public cloud networks perform and behave, and what do these differences mean for your business? Watch this session to understand why cloud connectivity is a must and how you can leverage performance metrics in your own cloud planning and operations.
    • Managing the Application Experience with Cisco (On Demand)
      Learn how Cisco provides enterprise teams with visibility across their entire stack by leveraging AppDynamics, Intersight Workload Optimizer and ThousandEyes for true end-to-end visibility across application, infrastructure and networks.

As enterprise IT organizations grapple with a post-pandemic reality, this year’s Cisco Live is poised to be one of the most impactful events yet. Be sure to catch these sessions to learn how ThousandEyes’ visibility can help your team build, deploy and manage a network for the future. If you haven’t already done so, register for Cisco Live today and save these sessions.

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