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The Internet Report

Ep. 31: About Monday’s Google Outage; Plus, Talking Holiday Internet Traffic Trends with Fastly

By Angelique Medina & Archana Kesavan
| | 1 min read
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This is The Internet Report, where we uncover what’s working and what’s breaking on the Internet—and why. This week, we go under the hood on a recent outage that took down the availability of several Google applications, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Calendar. Yesterday morning at around 6:50 AM EST, users around the world were unable to access several Google services for a span of approximately 40 minutes. While short-lived, the outage was notable in that it occurred during business hours in Europe and toward the beginning of the school day on the US east coast—so, people noticed, to put it bluntly. Catch this week’s episode to hear about the official RCA and what we saw from a network perspective. Also, we’re thrilled to be joined by David Belson of Fastly to talk about Internet traffic trends related to holiday online shopping and charitable giving. Tune in now to hear more about it.

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