Understanding the Meta, Comcast, and LinkedIn Outages

The Internet Report

Ep. 33: What Happened with Verizon’s Recent Outage

By Angelique Medina & Archana Kesavan
| | 1 min read


This is The Internet Report, where we uncover what’s working and what’s breaking on the Internet—and why. On today’s episode, we discuss the recent outage on Verizon’s network that had widespread impacts on users in the US. ThousandEyes Broadband Agents detected an outage starting around 11:30am EST that manifested as packet loss across multiple locations concentrated along Verizon backbone in the US east coast and midwest. While the outage was resolved approximately an hour later, users connecting from the Verizon network across the US experienced varying degrees of impact, depending on the services they were connecting to. This serves as yet another reminder that the context around an outage directly affects the scope of the disruption. Watch this week’s episode to see what this outage looked like from ThousandEyes vantage points.

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