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The Internet Report

Ep. 44: ​​When BGP Routes Accidentally Get Hijacked: A Lesson in Internet Vulnerability

By Angelique Medina
| | 2 min read


On this episode, we discuss the July 12th accidental hijacking of 1000+ prefixes belonging to Amazon.

This is The Internet Report, where we uncover what’s working and what’s breaking on the Internet—and why. Today, Mike and I discuss a recent BGP routing incident that had intermittent impacts on Amazon’s services, including Amazon.com and AWS compute resources, during a five-hour period on July 12. When we look into BGP routing at the time, we can see multiple BGP path changes due to a service provider erroneously inserting themselves into the path for a large number of Amazon routes. Watch this episode to see how the BGP incident led to significant packet loss, resulting in service disruption for some Amazon and AWS users. We also discuss why enterprises need to have continuous oversight of the paths their traffic takes over the Internet.

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