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Halloween Special: Ghosts of Outages Past

By Mike Hicks
| | 2 min read
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This Halloween, The Internet Report team is sharing some of their most thrilling (and chilling) networking tales and important lessons learned.

This is the Internet Report, a podcast uncovering what’s working and what’s breaking on the Internet—and why. In this episode, Kemal Sanjta and I get in the Halloween spirit and chat about some “mysterious” networking stories where things didn’t go quite as planned:

  • Haunting obstacles with a dynamic routing protocol that thwarted crew changes on an oil platform.

  • A spooky code base rollout that unleashed memory leak mischief.

  • A chilling application rollout that failed to deliver on user expectations around the globe.

  • Mysterious application issues that sent shivers down spines, before they were discovered to be caused by a wicked broadcast storm.

Pull up a chair (and a big bowl of your favorite Halloween candy) and hear what happened—and gain useful takeaways to help your own team guard against outages.

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