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Internship Program Aims To Inspire Promising Engineers

By Engineering Team
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This summer's engineering interns got a chance to develop their skills, solve meaningful problems, and come up with innovative solutions alongside ThousandEyes peer, mentors, and leaders.

We are more than halfway through our summer internship program here at ThousandEyes, and our engineering interns have been hard at work on various projects that enrich their skills, address meaningful problems, and innovate novel solutions.

This summer, we welcomed:

Chang Steven-200x200.png

Steven Chang, a rising senior studying electronics and computer science at the University of Edinburgh

Bikrant Das Sharma-200x200.png

Bikrant Das Sharma, a rising junior studying computer science at Rice University in Houston

Elizabeth Picazo-200x200.png

Elizabeth Picazo, a computer engineering major and rising senior at Cal Poly SLO from the northern suburbs of Chicago

Sarankan Thirunavukkarasu-200x200.png

Sarankan Thirunavukkarasu, a rising third year at the University of Waterloo studying management engineering

Motivated, enthusiastic, persistent, and energetic—our latest cohort of engineering interns infuse our organization with their distinct personalities and skills, which we are thrilled to have on board.

"ThousandEyes is proud to offer internships that allow our team members to experience a wider range of professional environments and meet many people who are already successful in their careers," said Murtaza Doctor, Head of Engineering & Operations at ThousandEyes. "Many of our current employees started out as interns at ThousandEyes, and so we wish the current cohort the best of luck with their journey ahead."

Growing a network of mentors in high tech

One of the first activities we do to welcome ThousandEyes interns is to connect with them about their interests so that we can ensure the projects assigned to them align with their long-term goals. Since most were new to the Digital Experience Monitoring category, our experienced engineers have stepped in as mentors and provided the interns with valuable guidance to help with their summer assignments.

"Remember that you will always be an intern at something throughout your career," said Kunal Umrigar, Leader, Software Engineering. "So always be open to learning and experimenting."

Taking on ambitious technical projects

As an engineering intern at ThousandEyes, you get to work alongside a team highly experienced in enterprise networking, cloud, and endpoint technologies. You learn how to use our company's proprietary software and programs and gain valuable experience for your bright future in technology. This summer, our engineering interns took on several noteworthy projects.

Establishing a quality engineering program is Sarankan. He’s been working with Indeep Kaur’s team to refine the current process for capturing quality metrics when releasing new features and will support the development of an improved quality assurance process when developers deploy changes into production.

Steven is working on a Proof of Concept for the Endpoint Agent. He will have the opportunity to build a project from scratch, from data ingestion through Kafka to a backend API querying Elasticsearch and, finally, a Vue.js component to display the result. This work will lay the foundations for a customer feature that is already generating a lot of interest. 

In support of a popular collaboration app integration is Bikrant. His work on a next-generation collaboration app alerts system will aid customers in being notified when problems inevitably arise during integration. Additionally, he has helped in the migration of some alerts and integrations components to Sentry Cloud. Bikrant is also working on a Proof of Concept for the customer-facing custom webhooks integration to further enhance the security of sensitive data.

And Elizabeth is working with the Engineering Effectiveness team on an SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) automation project. Her work will enhance previously manual processes for ThousandEyes, vastly improving the tracking of dependencies, usage of third-party libraries, and visibility of security vulnerabilities.

Advice from interns to future engineering teammates

For next summer’s interns, as well as new full-time employees, here are some tips from our current interns:

"The first day can seem overwhelming because of the different systems. Try to push over that hump."

"Bring up concerns immediately if at any point during your internship it feels like things are not going well or something is not working out quite right."

"Ask good questions because it might lead to a better conversation afterward."

"You never know what connections might come from helping others."

Join us next summer

At ThousandEyes, our summer engineering interns are here to learn and gain new skills. With a bit of guidance from their supervisor and the mentors they have met during their time with us, we have witnessed them grow and get involved in ambitious projects that will pay off dividends for everyone involved. We have also provided fun ways for them to build relationships with other engineers at the company along the way.

Are you looking to grow your engineering potential? Check out the ThousandEyes Careers page and consider joining our Great Place to Work®.

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