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Video: Networking Field Day 6 Visits the ThousandEyes Superhero Lair

By Lindsay Shaw
| | 4 min read


This week at ThousandEyes we were thrilled to host a Networking Field Day 6 session, a Tech Field Day community event. Fifteen experts in the networking field were hand-chosen to be NFD6 delegates, flown into the San Francisco Bay Area, and taken around to a handful of companies to participate in two hour deep dive looks into what's new in networking technology. The delegates worked tirelessly to build an open line of communication with the viewers watching the live-stream so be sure to check out the twitter hashtag #NFD6, and feel free to jump in! Ask us questions, give us feedback.

A big thank you to the delegates for visiting ThousandEyes HQ, to everyone who watched and engaged with the delegates online, and a big thank you to Stephen Foskett, Tom Hollingsworth, and Claire Chaplais for organizing this incredible event and getting the videos up so fast! The day is broken into bite-sized videos below. Watch CEO Mohit Lad's Intro to ThousandEyes, CTO Ricardo Oliveira giving a behind the scenes look on our approach to network measurement, then get live demos from SE's Doug Royer and Chris Duchesne on the SaaS, Financials, and Enterprise use cases.

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