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New Test Templates for Monitoring Enterprise Applications

By Brian Tobia
| | 7 min read


ThousandEyes offers a collection of certified, prebuilt Test Templates that enable you to efficiently set up tests, dashboard content, and alerts for all the applications you want to monitor. Recently, ThousandEyes introduced new test templates for Slack, Zoom, and Salesforce.

ThousandEyes helps you monitor the performance and availability of critical applications and services that users rely on. ThousandEyes offers a robust template-driven strategy to streamline the creation of tests within the platform and remove the need to define which domains to monitor manually. ThousandEyes provides a library of certified, prebuilt Test Templates to help quickly deploy monitoring for common SaaS services. These templates allow you to quickly deploy tests, dashboard content, and alerts for all applications you wish to monitor.  

Certified templates are verified by ThousandEyes or in collaboration with trusted third-party partners and comply with ThousandEyes monitoring best practices. Templates can be certified as Created by ThousandEyes, Certified (by ThousandEyes), or Partner (certified by a ThousandEyes partner). Certified by ThousandEyes templates are associated with a "Best Practices Guide" that provides detail about the architecture of the service, components that are monitored, and additional information on more complex use-cases. For a list of available best practice guides, see Best Practices.

Test Templates are easy to deploy. You can find them under the “Add New Test” dropdown within Cloud and Enterprise Agents. Just select “Add from Template,” and the template deployment wizard will be displayed. You can scroll through the different available templates or use the search to find a specific one. Additionally, there are folders that keep templates for related services within a provider grouped together.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Test Template Deployment Wizard
Figure 1. Test Template Deployment Wizard

Once you’ve selected which template you want to deploy, you can choose the individual tests you want to create, which are all pre-populated with the configuration information. You’ll just need to enter  tenant-specific information and choose the testing interval and agents. Once deployed, the tests will begin to run and you can monitor the results and review the related dashboard content.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Webex Meeting Template Deployment
Figure 2. Webex Meeting Template Deployment

April 2024 New Test Templates

The ThousandEyes team has recently added some new test templates that we’ll highlight today. 


We have released two new test templates for the popular collaboration tool Slack, one that tests the availability of the Slack service and the other that tests application layer connections.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Slack Web Test Template
Figure 3. Slack Web Test Template

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Slack Application Layer Test Template
Figure 4. Slack Application Layer Test Template

Once deployed, the tests will begin running and you’ll be able to visualize this data using the associated dashboard. The included Slack Monitoring dashboard allows you to view all of the test data at a high level and then drill into specific tests to view more details.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Slack Monitoring Dashboard
Figure 5. Slack Monitoring Dashboard

You can find additional information about the Slack test templates and monitoring configurations in the Best Practice Guide.


ThousandEyes provides monitoring for critical Zoom services, including the ability to test service performance on individual user devices for single sessions and monitor the health and status of the Zoom application from global cloud locations.

To streamline the process of setting up tests for Zoom services, ThousandEyes now has a test template that can automatically deploy tests for each individual Zoom service. When deploying the new template, you can choose which Zoom services and types of tests you want to set up and specify your tenant ID to monitor your organization. The Zoom template provides both internal monitoring, done using Enterprise Agents, and external monitoring that uses Cloud Agents. You can specify which agents and locations you’d like to use for both types of tests.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Zoom Web Test Template
Figure 6. Zoom Web Test Template

Once deployed, you can access the associated Zoom Health dashboard to view critical network and application metrics, which can help you quickly assess the overall reachability and performance of the application. 

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Zoom Health Dashboard
Figure 7. Zoom Health Dashboard

You can find additional information about the Zoom test template and monitoring configurations in the Best Practices Guide.


The last new template for this release is for monitoring Salesforce. This template includes DNS, HTTP Server, and application tests for the different Salesforce services. After entering your tenant name and selecting which Cloud Agents you’d like to run the tests from, the template will automatically deploy all the tests needed to gain visibility into the overall health of your Salesforce instance. 

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Salesforce Test Template
Figure 8. Salesforce Test Template

The Salesforce Test Template also includes built-in dashboards and alerts that can give you critical information about overall service status. The Salesforce Health dashboard displays important network and application statistics aggregated across all deployed tests.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Salesforce Health Dashboard for Network Statistics
Figure 9. Salesforce Health Dashboard - Network Statistics

You can also view trending and historical information about the individual performance indicators and tests to better understand long-term availability and identify any outages.

Screenshot of a ThousandEyes Salesforce Health Dashboard for Service History
Figure 10. Salesforce Health Dashboard - Service History

You can find additional information about the Salesforce test template and monitoring configurations in the Best Practices Guide

Check out these new test templates today by starting a free trial. Also watch the Test Templates library, where new templates and best practice guides will be continually added over time.

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