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ThousandEyes Sessions Worth Seeing at Cisco Live 2022

By Gina Tiso
| | 8 min read


We can’t wait for Cisco Live 2022. Don’t miss these ThousandEyes sessions on secure connectivity, hybrid work, and the future of digital user experience.

The countdown to Cisco Live begins. Join Cisco Live virtually or face-to-face to engage in stimulating conversation with leading technology professionals from across the globe. We'll be spending several days together, challenging each other, learning new things, and growing as colleagues in the industry. 

ThousandEyes is committed to helping IT teams learn how to keep customers and employees connected in today’s cloud-first and Internet-centric world. Our sessions this year aim to educate and inspire I&O leaders on ways to optimize the technologies they’ve come to rely on during the pandemic. 

Below, you will find the must-see sessions presented by our ThousandEyes team. The following times are for the North American audience, but additional streaming options are available on the session pages and on demand after the event.

Sessions We Recommend

Innovation Talks

Accelerating Secure Innovation: Full Stack Observability for Modern Apps
Tuesday, Jun 14 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM PDT

Joe Vaccaro, Head of Product at ThousandEyes, discusses how Cisco is leading a modern approach to application monitoring and observability for a multi-cloud landscape through Cisco’s premier and futuristic technologies. This session will cover the application observability lifecycle and highlight the value of the full-stack security for API and open-source architectures. Come and see Cisco’s dedication to contemporary cloud consumption models and surfaces for all operational roles.

SASE Your Way: Transforming Your Infrastructure to Deliver Secure Connectivity
Wednesday, Jun 15 10:30 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

ThousandEyes’ General Manager and Co-founder, Mohit Lad, joins other Cisco leaders to discuss Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and its high level of importance for remote workplaces. Ensuring flawless application and connectability between networking and security architectures is imperative for enabling cloud-first operations that allow IT teams to securely connect users to applications. Mohit will show how Cisco helps IT teams deliver security and connectivity against external factors. 

Spotlight Sessions

End User Experience in the Modern World
Monday, Jun 13, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM PDT

In the shift from tangible hardware to IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions, ThousandEyes is committed to supporting a high-quality end user experience for your workforce. Group Product Manager at ThousandEyes, Alex Cruz Farmer, will communicate how ThousandEyes allows customers to claim ownership of their digital experience through state-of-the-art visualizations, high functioning data, and transparency. Don’t miss hearing ThousandEyes’ futuristic vision for teams and their digital experience. 

Finding Needles in a Haystack: Using ThousandEyes Data for Root Cause Analysis
Wednesday, Jun 15, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM PDT

Our daily lives rely heavily on the Internet for businesses to deliver services and help their employees succeed. Needless to say, our world cannot go on without the Internet or afford outages. Prab Singh, ThousandEyes’ Group Product Manager, will lead a session on how we are making cutting-edge strides in solving Internet problems, which allow enterprises to be worry free. 

Theater Presentations

If you’ve been looking for digital experience monitoring solutions to empower you and your team as you take on the challenges of hybrid work and other digital transformation initiatives, we’d love you to visit our booth. Visit us at Town Square 2, Booth #2555 to see one or more of the exciting live presentations being given in our interactive theater.

Deliver Flawless Services for Your Hybrid Workforce
The shift to remote work has created countless challenges, not just for IT and help desk teams, but for the many end users who have had to acclimate to working and collaborating with one another from “branches of one.” Join our ThousandEyes booth presentation to learn how you can reduce the cost and effort needed to support today’s distributed workforce while enhancing your end users’ experience with Webex by Cisco® and the other applications they depend on in the new hybrid work reality.

End-to-End Visibility for Your Modern Enterprise Network
Managing through cloud migration has not just been about where your apps are hosted; it’s been about maintaining visibility and control over the infrastructure used to access and secure them, a large percentage of which now exists outside of traditional enterprise borders. Join this booth presentation to learn and see how ThousandEyes provides detailed, data-driven insight into the performance of public overlay and underlay networks, as well as your private networks, to give you more control over the applications that run on top of them.

Deliver Better App Experiences Over the Internet
Internet-based, cloud-hosted applications, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), are more challenging to monitor and control than traditional applications hosted in private data centers. Regardless, you’re still responsible for supporting the business and customer-facing applications that affect your end users’ digital experiences. Join this booth presentation to learn how ThousandEyes Internet and cloud intelligence enables you to quickly analyze and solve the many dependencies that impact modern app performance.

Seamless With Cisco: Integrations That Make Digital Transformation Work
It’s a safe bet that you’re attending Cisco Live because you view a strategic relationship with Cisco as a key success factor for your organization. The addition of ThousandEyes has already benefited many Cisco customers. This presentation highlights key ThousandEyes and Cisco technology integrations to support your highest priority initiatives, including integrations with Cisco SD-WAN, Webex, secure access service edge (SASE), full-stack observability (FSO), and more.

Can’t Make a Session or Want To Hear More? Let’s Talk!

Looking to find us? Our ThousandEyes team cannot wait to meet everyone at Cisco Live. Meet us at the World of Solutions and see our unique booth to get a demo, attend a theater session, pick up our latest T-shirt, or chat. 

Attending the Cisco Solutions Showcase? Don’t forget to check out a ThousandEyes demo in the Full-stack Observability and IT Operations Center space.

Ready to play? Let's test your ThousandEyes knowledge through real lab challenges on the CFT track in Capture the Flag. Bring out your competitive spirit by collecting points to earn a spot on the Capture the Flag leaderboard.

Want to know more about ThousandEyes’ presence at Cisco Live 2022? Visit our dedicated event page for all the details.

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