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ThousandEyes Is Now Available on AWS Marketplace — Join Us for a Live Demo at AWS re:Invent 2020

By Craig Vario
| | 5 min read


ThousandEyes Is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

As part of our constant effort to serve our customers where they want us to be, we’re happy to announce that ThousandEyes is now available in AWS Marketplace, an online software store that helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using the software and services that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS Marketplace

ThousandEyes is collaborating with AWS to deliver cloud and Internet intelligence for customers to see, understand, and improve digital experiences everywhere. With the addition of ThousandEyes in AWS Marketplace, customers can purchase the ThousandEyes platform to see all the networks and services that make up user experience in a single view, from synthetic transactions and service availability to network paths and global Internet routing feeds.

Watch our live demo of how AWS customers can deploy ThousandEyes for visibility across their entire digital ecosystem today at 3 p.m. PST at AWS re:Invent 2020, in Cisco’s virtual booth.

Visibility Across Your Digital Ecosystem—Inside and Out

In a lot of ways, in today’s modern IT environment, the cloud has become the new data center, SaaS has become the new application stack, and the Internet has become the new network. For enterprises, this expanded IT perimeter means that success hinges on the performance of third-party provider networks that lie outside of their control. Customers come to us and to our partners when this new level of dependency causes them to run into operational blind spots, unable to see and resolve disruptions along the digital supply chain.

Thanks to an unmatched number of global vantage points, ThousandEyes has become known for its visualization techniques that bring network paths to life across this complex digital ecosystem of providers and infrastructures. A key feature of the ThousandEyes platform is Internet InsightsTM, the first and only collectively powered view of global Internet performance.

See Every Layer That Matters

With vantage points including cloud agents, enterprise agents, and endpoint agents throughout the global Internet, in data centers and VPCs, the ThousandEyes platform provides visibility into digital experience across private, Internet and cloud provider networks. Like a real-time map, the visualization allows organizations to see how customers, employees, and workloads reach and experience internal and external applications and services. As an AWS Select technology partner, we offer vantage points within AWS, enabling you to quickly monitor and collect critical performance metrics to and from AWS’ global Regions. AWS customers can use ThousandEyes to monitor performance metrics including availability, usage and response times correlated with intra-region, inter-region and inter-service network packet loss and latencies and identify performance bottlenecks within the cloud environment.

Global Vantage Points

With inside-and-out visibility across your digital ecosystem, we help our customers:

  • Visualize, understand, and improve the online applications and cloud services you rely on to deliver exceptional digital experiences.
  • Benchmark and compare cloud performance to successfully plan cloud migration, roll out SD-WAN, and ensure performance over the Internet and cloud networks.
  • Ensure employee productivity and business continuity with end-to-end visibility into SaaS application performance and Internet connectivity across a distributed remote workforce.

The world's leading brands, including 160+ of the Global 2000, 85+ of the Fortune 500, 6 of the 7 top U.S. banks, and 20 of the 25 top SaaS companies, rely on ThousandEyes to deliver optimal customer and employee experiences, and successfully adopt cloud, SaaS, and SD-WAN.

ThousandEyes Partners and Customers

Now a Cisco company, ThousandEyes is participating at AWS re:Invent 2020 together with Cisco to demonstrate how AWS customers can use ThousandEyes’ innovative monitoring infrastructure to see every network like it’s their own.

Join us in Cisco’s virtual booth for the below scheduled live demos:

Available here, ThousandEyes is now in AWS Marketplace.

Learn more about the ThousandEyes platform, or sign up for a custom demo with our team here.

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