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ThousandEyes Cloud Agents: Now on AWS Wavelength

By Brian Tobia
| | 3 min read


ThousandEyes has now deployed Cloud Agents within different AWS Wavelength-supported carriers to allow you to simulate the performance of users accessing those applications via a 5G network.

Optimized for mobile edge computing applications, AWS Wavelength is an infrastructure service that embeds AWS compute and storage capabilities within the 5G networks of communication service providers (CSP). Known as Wavelength Zones, these deployments enable application traffic from 5G devices to reach application servers without leaving the telecom network, avoiding latency from multiple Internet hops and maximizing the benefits of 5G's speed and bandwidth.

Monitoring the performance of these agents, deployed in a similar manner on a carrier's network, is crucial for accurate assessments of application and user experience. To facilitate this, ThousandEyes has launched Cloud Agents within various AWS Wavelength-supported carriers. This allows for the simulation of user performance when accessing applications via a 5G network.

The initial rollout of this service offering consists of 30 agents deployed in 7 countries across the following:


  1. Verizon
  2. Bell
  3. BT
  4. Vodafone
  5. KDDI
  6. SK Telecom

AWS regions

  1. US East
  2. US West
  3. Canada Central
  4. Europe - London
  5. Europe - Frankfurt
  6. APAC - Tokyo
  7. APAC - Seoul

Two example use cases where you might leverage the agents are as follows:

Case 1: A mobile gaming company provides servers in Verizon’s Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) environment in order to provide the best performance to their mobile gamers. That MEC deployment relies on backend services and databases that run in a cloud provider or hybrid environment on the Internet. The ThousandEyes AWS Wavelength agent will give visibility between the MEC and the Internet, allowing you to monitor the network quality of backend services.

Case 2: A web application provider has its services running in a cloud provider, hybrid environment, or bare metal. Many of their customers use the mobile app or the browser on their mobile phones. The ThousandEyes AWS Wavelength agent will give them visibility into their mobile customers' quality of service from their carrier’s MEC to the web application.

These agents can be leveraged for Agent-to-Server tests and are available now for all customers. They can easily be found within the Cloud Agents list and are identified by the connected provider and AWS Wavelength service—for example, Charlotte, NC (Verizon - AWS Wavelength). 

Learn more about ThousandEyes Cloud Agents on AWS Wavelength and see a complete list of locations.

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