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ThousandEyes to Kick-Off NFD8!

By Lindsay Shaw
| | 4 min read


All of the recordings from Networking Field Day 8 are live in the Resource Center. See CTO Ricardo Oliveira dive into active network probing, Software Engineer Joao Antunes demo the new VoIP test, CEO Mohit Lad troubleshoot an outage on the spot and more. See all the ThousandEyes Tech Field Day Sessions.

There are too many tech events these days that seem to focus on flashy expo floors, getting the most attendees or booking the biggest band to play the party. This is what makes the Tech Field Day events that much more valuable for IT professionals looking for real resources to do their jobs better. Sure the sponsorship from the presenters helps with the logistics of Tech Field Day, but what really gives these sessions life is the extremely knowledgable and prolific industry bloggers, the passionate organizers at Gestalt IT, the social participants that are more than just an audience, and vendors who are willing to show what’s under the hood.

Tech Field Day’s Networking Field Day 8 is happening this week, with nine companies giving deep dive presentations into their technology. Twelve leaders of the network engineering community have been chosen as delegates including Amy Arnold (@amyengineer), Ethan Banks (@ecbanks) and Bob McCouch (@BobMcCouch), who we know won’t hold back on the tough questions. You can follow our Twitter list of all the delegates and submit questions or topics you’d like to hear about from any of the presenting companies.

We are proud to be the kickoff presenter on Wednesday at 9:30 AM PT. Tune in to the live stream to hear from CEO and Co-Founder Mohit Lad (@MohitLad), CTO and Co-Founder Ricardo Oliveira (@rveloso), Solutions Engineer Doug Royer, VP of Engineering Michael Meisel and Software Engineer Joao Antunes. We’ve got big announcements and new features to demo, so watch live to hear the news first! The NFD delegates and ThousandEyes reps will be on Twitter during the presentation taking questions so follow us @ThousandEyes and join the conversation at hashtag #NFD8. In the meantime you can check out our sessions from last year at our Tech Field Day page.

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