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More Ways To Stay Alert: ThousandEyes Integrates with PagerDuty

By Nick Kephart
| | 3 min read


Last week, we launched a new type of notification for our alerting system. Up to now, you’ve been able to receive alert notifications via email or API. Based on popular demand, you’ll now be able to easily send alerts to PagerDuty, a popular incident management service.

With PagerDuty you can manage your incident lifecycle, set up ‘on call’ lists, alert the proper team members and escalate critical issues. ThousandEyes alerts trigger voice, SMS, email or push notification via PagerDuty using this new integration. ThousandEyes appears as a partner integration from which you can receive notifications; and, within ThousandEyes we now have a link to easily add alerts to your PagerDuty account.

PagerDuty Screenshot

What Keeps You Up at Night?

Not sure what you should be alerting on? Here are some ideas of ThousandEyes alerts that you can customize to your needs:

  • App health: Availability, page load times, error types
  • Network health: Latency, packet loss, jitter, available bandwidth
  • DNS: Mappings, errors, resolution time
  • Routing: Reachability, AS-Path and prefix changes
  • Voice: MOS, discards, DSCP mismatch

Check out this previous post that covers how to optimize alerts and reduce alert fatigue.

How to Set Up PagerDuty Alerts

Setting up a PagerDuty integration to ThousandEyes is easy. First, create an Escalation Policy in PagerDuty, with defines both users and on-call schedules. Then add a new PagerDuty Service in the Alert Rules view and complete the authentication process. Get started using the full details in the Customer Success Center.

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