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What’s New in Q3? Device Layer, New Live Chat and More

By Gopi Gopalakrishnan
| | 8 min read


At ThousandEyes, we had an exciting and busy Q3 with major product and feature enhancements. In this third installment of our quarterly feature update series, let’s revisit some of our recent announcements and review what’s new in the six releases from August to October 2017.

Network Device Monitoring

After a successful beta with over a dozen customers, Device Layer is now generally available to all our customers. With Device Layer, we are one step closer to our vision to provide end to end network visibility and application insights in a single dashboard. Device Layer enhances our Enterprise Agent solution by adding additional network device health context and providing insights into Layer 2 data while correlating existing IP forwarding, path, routing and application-layer metrics.

Enterprise Agents collect network device metrics by polling SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 MIBs from network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and access points) while simultaneously monitoring application and network performance through active monitoring. Device context is now overlaid with Path Visualization and gives you the flexibility to drill down into detailed device metrics and Layer 2 topology of your internal network.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Visualize the impact of device faults on application performance with Device Layer.

Existing customers have access to five free monitored devices to kick start their Device Layer experience. If you need additional capacity, feel free to contact your ThousandEyes Account Manager. Refer to our knowledge base documentation for more details on configuring Device Layer and interacting with the Device Layer data.

Embedded Dashboard Widgets

As you might recall from our previous quarterly updates, we have been making lot of improvements to our Dashboards and Reports functionalities. In Q3, we added the ability to embed our Dashboard widgets within a web portal. The embed widget option can be found under the More Actions menu on your Dashboard widgets. Below is an example of a dashboard embed widget’s 'iframe' tag.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Embed Dashboard widgets onto external websites.


We've added a new metric in the Alerts category, called "All Alerts", that includes Agent, BGP and DNS+ alerts. It provides the ability to view all alerts and SLA data in a single dashboard across all alert types.

Figure 3
Figure 3: Report on combined BGP, DNS+ and Agent alerts through the new “All Alerts” metric.

Endpoint Agent Enhancements

We have been working on improving the user experience for large scale Endpoint Agent deployments. In Q3, we introduced bulk editing of multiple Endpoint Agent’ settings. You can now enable, disable and delete multiple Endpoint Agents at the same time. Keep an eye out for more bulk actions features for Endpoint Agents in the coming weeks.

Figure 4
Figure 4: Bulk edit settings of multiple Endpoint Agents.

DNS resolution and performance is a critical component that can affect application performance. We have now added DNS server metrics to Endpoint Data to provide visibility into your DNS server performance. You can get insights into DNS server loss, latency and domain resolution time from the Network Topology view within Endpoint data.

Figure 5
Figure 5: Visualize DNS server performance with Endpoint Agent.

Cloud Agents

We continue to grow our IPv6 and IPv4 Cloud Agent presence internationally. We have added 18 new locations for IPv6 and 8 new IPv4 locations in Q3.

Figure 6
Figure 6: New IPv6 and IPv4 Cloud Agent locations.

New Live Chat

Last but not least, we have introduced a new in-app chat, to provide you an enhanced support experience. This new platform will provide many new benefits, both now and in the future. Read about it here.

As always, our feature roadmap and product development are driven by feedback from you. Please reach out to us through your account team or the wish page if you have any feedback or feature requests.

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