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Why Credit Suisse Says ThousandEyes is Disruptive Tech

By Alex Henthorn-Iwane
| | 6 min read


We’re excited to share that Credit Suisse has named ThousandEyes as one of only five technology providers to its inaugural Disruptive Technology Recognition (DTR) Program. Here are three reasons this is meaningful to enterprise IT in general and financial services organizations in particular.

Credit Suisse

1. Enterprise IT monitoring approaches need to catch up to the cloud

Credit Suisse recognized ThousandEyes for its unique "active monitoring" approach for understanding application delivery and every underlying network including the Internet, to quickly identify and resolve performance, availability, and service quality issues. The reason this is important is that enterprises are aggressively moving to the cloud and hybrid WANs, but in too many cases their monitoring architectures are staying stuck in the past. In fact, in a recent Gartner report entitled “How to React to the Impact of the Cloud on IT Operations Monitoring,” authors Padraig Byrne and Sanjit Ganguli note that a significant gap in visibility opens up due to cloud migration:

“Cloud adoption means that the IT operations organization no longer has the same access to the infrastructure and networks that underpin its services; this creates gaps in visibility in its current monitoring.”

However, they warn that enterprises aren’t keeping pace in updating their monitoring approaches as they adopt cloud-based ways of doing IT:

“By 2021, fewer than 15% of organizations will implement holistic monitoring, putting $255 billion of investments in cloud-based solutions at risk.”

2. ThousandEyes Offers Game-Changing Visibility

A disruptive technology helps IT teams significantly change their stance and deliver business results that go far beyond the status quo. Enterprises including Credit Suisse partner with many technology providers. However, the 2018 DTR Program focused on “game-changing” companies that help improve IT infrastructure and offer broad applicability across industries.

ThousandEyes helps IT teams dramatically increase their visibility in a cloud-based world. Our active monitoring technology was built from the ground up for the cloud and Internet where IT teams can’t collect traditional, passive monitoring data because they simply don’t own or control the infrastructure in ISP, CDN, DNS, CASB, SaaS and other providers. We provide patented, cross-correlated visibility across many layers including application delivery, network performance metrics, network path visualization and global BGP Internet routing. We also can uniquely offer collective intelligence by detecting ISP outages using a global matrix of monitoring tests that cover a significant portion of the Internet and folding that intelligence in the context of specific app delivery and user experience monitoring. The combination of all these capabilities constitutes what we consider to be “Network Intelligence.” Purpose building delivers insights that can solve business-class challenges in the cloud, and goes far beyond cobbling together a hodge-podge of free and low-fidelity tools.

Laura Barrowman, Group Technology Officer and Group Chief Information Security Officer for Credit Suisse AG, said, “Credit Suisse views disruptive technology as one way to drive progress in terms of IT innovation. Our DTR Program partners have looked at the current landscape and fundamentally altered it, for the better, with their vision.”

3. Financial Services Are Embracing ThousandEyes

If you’re familiar with the financial world, you know Credit Suisse, since they’ve been an institutionally important part of global finance for decades. As a financial services company with tens of billions of dollars in annual revenues and hundreds of billions of dollars of assets under management, Credit Suisse must take a necessarily cautious path in adopting new technology. Despite that, they recognize the need for visibility beyond the traditional four walls of the enterprise network, across the Internet and into the cloud.

ThousandEyes is very strongly positioned in the financial services market, with 5 of the top 6 U.S. banks, 4 of the big 5 UK banks, plus many other large financial services institutions as customers.

Learn How to Disrupt Your Monitoring Status Quo

If you’re on a journey into the cloud, modern WAN and delivering digital experience and you haven’t yet made a move to shake up your pre-cloud monitoring stack, learn more about Network Intelligence by visiting our Resource Center and downloading the 2018 Network Intelligence Planning Guide.

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