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Why You Must Attend Cloud State 2018

By Archana Kesavan
| | 6 min read


Cloud State 2018 is the launch event where the results of the 2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report will be unveiled.

Over the past few months, the product marketing and research team at ThousandEyes has been heads down in evaluating the 'State of the Cloud' through data-driven performance analysis. Just a couple of weeks ago, my colleague Angelique Medina released a Global DNS Performance Report based on 15M performance measurements of public resolvers, managed providers and root servers. Following right behind this groundbreaking research, we are getting ready to release the 2018 annual edition of the Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report, a data-driven comparative analysis of network performance of the three big public cloud providers namely AWS, Azure and GCP.

Cloud State 2018 is an exclusive event where we unveil the findings from this report, exposing the good, bad and the ugly of the big three public cloud providers. But, that's not it. Cloud State 2018 also features an expert panel with two Bay Area visionaries and cloud gurus, Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral and Paul Chapman, CIO at Box. But wait, there's more. In classic silicon valley style, we have Leo Laporte, the genius and voice behind TWiT, moderating the panel! Cloud State 2018 will be hosted in San Francisco on November 7th at the Merchant’s Exchange Club.

Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report 2018: Why is it unique?

Comparative studies on the Big 3 primarily revolve around services offered, pricing tiers, global presence and data center locations. However, cloud performance has continued to remain a black box, since most studies aren’t metric based or vendor-neutral. The 2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report breaks the mold of survey-based research and vendor-led reporting and provides a unique, unbiased third-party perspective on public cloud performance as it relates to end-user experience. The insights presented in this report are gathered from analyzing over 50M data points comparing network performance to the three public cloud providers, within each of these public cloud providers (between regions and AZs) and across cloud providers (multi-cloud performance).

For enterprises embracing digital transformation and venturing into the public cloud, the metrics and insights that will be unveiled at the event will serve as a data-driven guide to best practices and decision-making for operating in the public cloud.

"As enterprises increasingly move to cloud-first IT strategies, IT increasingly depends upon infrastructure assets they don't control. The 2018 Public Cloud Performance Benchmark Report lifts the veil obscuring region-to-region and cloud-to-cloud performance within and between public clouds, providing IT infrastructure execs critical intelligence on the performance they can expect from single cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid IT environments."
— Jason Bloomberg, President at Intellyx

If you are in the Bay Area, you probably get invites to hundreds of such events. It must be tough deciding who to give your valuable time to. And we understand that. So, please allow me to guide you on why Cloud State 2018 should be on your social tech itinerary this year.

  • Hear me unveil the results of the first-ever vendor-neutral, data-based comparative study of the three big public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP). Find out why all cloud providers are not created equal and how architecture and connectivity differences affect network performance. By the way, do you know where in the world AWS’ performance is 35% less predictable? If you want to know the answer to that question and other interesting tidbits, then this event is for you!
  • Listen and learn firsthand from industry experts and cloud visionaries Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral and Paul Chapman, CIO of Box as they walk you through their cloud journey. Watch them transparently discuss their cloud best practices, their fears of the cloud black box, bust the biggest cloud myths and debate on who wins the cloud wars!
  • Are you serious about the cloud? We are too and so are all the people you will meet at this event. Get access to a who’s who of the silicon valley cloud companies, socialize with your peers, network with industry leaders and find out how they solve their challenges.

If you want to hang out with the cool cats of the industry while getting your geek on, join us on November 7th at Cloud State 2018.

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