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Cloud Performance Benchmark: Now Available
A metric-based comparative study of network performance and connectivity across AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM and Alibaba Cloud. Analysis covers multi-cloud architectures, US broadband ISPs, the AWS Global Accelerator and more.
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Ground-Breaking Research + Game Changing Innovation

In 60 minutes, your view of the cloud and Internet will be forever changed.

What is Cloud State Live?

A live-streamed and in-person launch event announcing the findings of the latest Cloud Performance Benchmark. Plus the reveal of a major innovation that will finally change the power dynamic for every business that relies on the Internet.

Why Attend?

Be the first to hear the research findings ahead of their public release, learn about a new innovation that changes the Internet as you know it, and network with like-minded professionals who care just as much as you do about maximizing the potential of the cloud.

Who Will Be There?

From cloud, Internet and network experts from both digital native and digitally transforming enterprises, to media and industry analysts. Anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the cloud is welcome to join us on the live stream or in-person in Austin, TX.


11:00 AM — 11:40 AM CST
Race to Cloud Domination: AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM & Alibaba Cloud Compared
Archana Kesavan, ThousandEyes
Not all clouds are created equal when it comes to performance. Join Archana Kesavan, Research Author and Director of Product Marketing at ThousandEyes, as she reveals the findings of the latest Cloud Performance Benchmark, the industry's only data-driven comparison of AWS, Azure, GCP—and new this year, IBM and Alibaba Cloud—revealing stark network performance and connectivity differences. The report also answers the questions, "do all cloud providers pay the same toll while crossing China's Great Firewall?" And, "Is AWS' Global Accelerator more reliable and faster than the Internet?"
11:40 AM — 12:00 PM CST
[Live Reveal] Introducing the Ground Truth of the Internet
Mohit Lad and Angelique Medina, ThousandEyes
The Internet has long been a black box for companies that rely on it to deliver mission-critical apps and services to customers and employees. Since ThousandEyes launched its "Google Maps of the Internet" in 2013, its daily measurements have grown to billions of service paths, including more than 33 million network traces collected per hour. Imagine a global view based on that data. Imagine the ground-truth of the Internet. Join us for the live reveal.