Use Your Network to Extend Patient Care

Personalized medicine begins with
making health services accessible
anywhere, with a high-quality
digital experience for each patient.

Caring for Employees Near and Far

AIM Specialty Health helps payers and providers manage complex conditions.
ThousandEyes gives AIM visibility into the user experience of customer
care representatives who work and access essential applications from home.
Ivan Shepherd
Sr. Manager, Networking &
Technical Security

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Connect Patients to Critical Services Wherever They Are

Network Intelligence gives you the insight to improve connectivity and patient experience.

Expediting Root Cause Analysis with Evidence

"What used to take us weeks has been reduced to minutes.
It has allowed us to quickly isolate issues, escalate to the appropriate
internal teams and focus on business impacting initiatives."
Aaron Howard Lead Engineer, Network and Security
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Take the Pulse of Your Entire Network

Immediately detect service performance issues affecting internal or cloud-based apps using vantage points
around the Internet and throughout your facilities. Then diagnose specific network faults and outages.

Enable Interactive Patient Services

Patient-facing, Internet-connected services such as mobile apps, video chat and online medical records require high performance to ensure high quality of care.

Successfully Shift to Cloud

With an increasing number of cloud apps and remote employees, your critical operations depend on clear insights about Internet performance.

Keep Critical Operations Connected

Optimize diagnostic and EMR data flowing between hospitals, clinics and data centers with a visual map of WAN health and connectivity.

Rapidly Identify and Resolve Performance, Availability, and Service Quality Issues

"Now, we can immediately see where outages and network performance issues are taking place,
regardless of where the issue lies. With ThousandEyes, what was unknown becomes instantly visible."
Jamalh Lagrone Senior Enterprise Messaging System Engineer
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We Work with Leading Healthcare Organizations

Here are some of the companies currently benefiting from network intelligence.