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Optimizing Network Performance Across Distributed Sites

As digital dependencies grow, businesses must ensure seamless network connectivity across all operations. The integration between ThousandEyes and Meraki MX devices empowers distributed organizations to monitor external applications and services effectively. This integration eliminates the need for additional hardware, facilitates proactive identification and remediation of network disruptions, and fosters consistent service and customer experiences across widespread operations.

Harnessing Deeper Insights Into Critical Applications

ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent natively supported on Meraki MX devices enables an advanced understanding of vital external applications and services from your SD-WAN sites. Businesses can delve deeper into their Internet, cloud, and SaaS environments, providing essential insights to optimize operations and maintain seamless service delivery.

  • Simplified Deployment: Rapidly rollout ThousandEyes vantage points across hundreds or even thousands of sites via a guided wizard within the Meraki dashboard.
  • Increased Efficiency: Set up ThousandEyes monitoring of key apps and services with intuitive test templates and step-by-step guides in the Meraki dashboard.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain crucial insights into the performance of your critical third-party applications and services over the Internet and cloud networks.
  • Optimized Performance: Proactively identify and troubleshoot network issues, ensuring seamless service connectivity and optimal user experiences.

The ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent is supported on the following Meraki MX platforms:

Hardware Specifications: MX67/C/W MX68/C/CW, MX75, MX85, MX95, MX105, MX250, MX450
vMX and Z devices are not supported at this time

License Type: Eligible for customers with a Meraki Secure SD-WAN Plus license or trial

See How the Integration Works

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