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Digital Experience Assurance

Proactively assure exceptional digital experiences.
Every user, everywhere, every time.

What Is Digital Experience Assurance?

Digital Experience Assurance (DXA) is a new IT management discipline that empowers organizations with cross-domain insights that drive proactive and automated operations across every connected element that impacts user experience. 

DXA goes beyond traditional monitoring tools that only provide siloed visibility for networks, infrastructure, and applications that are owned by IT. DXA breaks down these siloes with correlated insights and closed-loop actions that enable organizations to accelerate their operations amidst increasing IT complexity.

Digital Experience Assurance. Assurance: predict & optimize (forecast disruptions, optimize paths, and plan connectivity & migrations), mitigate & remediate (recommend actions across digital domains and teams). Monitoring: baseline & detect (monitor end-to-end digital experience from critical vantage points), localize & diagnose (visualize, localize, and diagnose across every network segment).
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The World Has Gone Digital. Are Your Experiences Ready?

Companies are competing in a digital world, where brand reputation, revenue, and employee productivity hinge on consistently delivering exceptional digital experiences to every user, everywhere, every time. Over the past decade, organizations have undergone several key shifts that increase reliance on external infrastructure and environments and introduce exponential complexity for IT and networking teams. They now face the challenge of assuring those digital experiences across both their owned and unowned infrastructure.

A Trailblazer in DEM

Traditional, domain-specific monitoring solutions, such as Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and Application Performance Monitoring (APM), have been crucial for managing performance of networks and applications that IT can instrument. However, they fail to address the vast, Internet-sized gaps that exist outside those boundaries.

ThousandEyes played a key role in the early development of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), ushering in a new era focused on comprehensive visibility across the entire user experience journey, regardless of whether the components are within the organization’s direct control. Building on its DEM heritage, ThousandEyes has always aimed to proactively assure digital experiences. Leveraging extensive digital experience data, AI/ML techniques, open standards, and a connected ecosystem, ThousandEyes has developed an industry-leading platform for effectively assuring digital experiences across the entire digital supply chain for all users.

A trailblazer in DEM

ThousandEyes Digital Experience Assurance (DXA)

ThousandEyes is leading the way in empowering organizations to see, understand, and improve every connected experience to proactively assure digital experiences for all users. ThousandEyes enables customers to unlock the business value of delivering exceptional experiences by focusing on three core capabilities: end-to-end visibility, AI-driven intelligence, and closed-loop operations.

End-to-end Visibility

See across the global topology of your entire digital experience service delivery chain and measure performance from any user to any application, over any network.

AI-driven Intelligence

Harnessing the power of billions of daily measurements across Internet, cloud, and enterprise networks, ThousandEyes automatically surfaces issues and insights in the context of user experience.

Closed-loop Operations

Go beyond issue identification to remediation. AI-powered recommendations plus seamless integrations to implement and automate actions across your connected IT ecosystem.

ThousandEyes provides a holistic view of all connected elements of digital experience across the networks, apps, and infrastructure that organizations own—as well as those they do not own—so they can ultimately get a deep understanding of digital experiences and can take or automate actions to assure them.


New Innovations Driving Strategic Expansion Into Digital Experience Assurance

ThousandEyes is committed to helping you deliver exceptional digital experiences. Learn about several new innovations that help enhance visibility, unlock AI-driven insights, and automate remediation.

Conquer Digital Complexity With ThousandEyes Digital Experience Assurance

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