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Global DNS Performance Report

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Understand Global DNS Performance

A comprehensive report on the performance of three DNS infrastructures—managed DNS providers, public resolvers, and global roots. It's designed to provide data to enterprises and software as a service (SaaS) providers on infrastructure that's critical to digital experience.

Digital Experience Begins with DNS

Get highlights on global DNS performance and learn best practices that will improve your digital experience and ensure your reachability on the Internet.


Become the Master of Your Domain Name System

Boost your company's online performance and resilience with these DNS best practices.


Today, ThousandEyes is launching our first ever Global DNS Performance Report, covering the state of domain name system (DNS) infrastructure around the globe, for both IPv4 and IPv6.

Press Release

ThousandEyes, the company that empowers businesses with Network Intelligence, has found that 68% of the top 50 companies on the Global Fortune 500 rankings are not adequately prepared for the next major attack on the DNS, according to the results...

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