Cover for There's a Cloud-Sized Hole in Your Monitoring Stack

There's a Cloud-Sized Hole in Your Monitoring Stack

Digital Experience Monitoring for Your Cloud Ecosystem

Delivering digital experiences in a "Cloud First" world relies on something you can't control—the Internet.

As investments in cloud ecosystems continue to skyrocket, enterprises are becoming aware of the critical limitations that exist in the cloud, most notably as it relates to performance visibility. Classic NPM, APM and even native cloud-only monitoring tools fall short because they are not designed for the external, Internet-based and interdependent ecosystems of software, micro-services, infrastructure, networks, and ISPs that comprise the cloud.

To ensure the best experience for your customers, you need to have visibility into all areas of the digital experience, especially the parts you don't control. Read this eBook to learn:
  • Why monitoring tools such as SNMP and flow flatline in the cloud
  • Why the complex nature of the cloud creates blind spots for traditional monitoring tools
  • How to evolve your cloud monitoring stack to get insights into cloud ecosystems and their dependencies
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