How to Monitor and Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams
for Your Remote Workforce with ThousandEyes

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Ian Waters Senior Director, EMEA Marketing
Tim Hale Senior Solutions Engineer

Webinar Overview

Recent weeks have seen working patterns across the world change dramatically. Chances are that you’re now managing a significantly larger remote workforce than you were just a little while ago. So in this new context, how are you ensuring your remote workers are getting the best end user experience of key productivity tools, such as Microsoft Teams?

As employees settle into working from home there are likely to be a set of high priority challenges for IT. How do you effectively troubleshoot outside your corporate environment? How can you ensure your remote access services are performing? How can you get a complete picture of your employees end-to-end experience to be confident Microsoft Teams is performing as it should for everyone?

Sign up for this webinar to get a first-hand look at how ThousandEyes can help you answer these questions. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility of the service delivery path for Microsoft Team, including every hop and provider
  • Understand, alert, collaborate and report on Microsoft Teams performance
  • Quickly set up tests and proactively troubleshoot user issues to ensure productivity