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Internet Fundamentals: Underlying Network Infrastructures Explained

The Internet can seem like an elusive “black box” to even the most seasoned networking and application professionals. But having an understanding of the different protocols and services that make up the global Internet is an important first step toward quickly diagnosing and resolving performance issues.

In order to build, operate, and troubleshoot applications and services reliably over the Internet, you first need to understand the various building blocks of the Internet. In this eBook, we explain the different protocols and services that work together to create an Internet that is efficient and resilient for all.

You’ll learn how:

  • BGP routing works to deliver traffic from one point to another across a vast ecosystem of networks and providers
  • DNS providers work to ensure human-readable domain names are matched to the correct IP addresses
  • Cloud and CDN providers vastly improve digital experience by bringing content closer to users
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