Three Key Performance Factors for Public Cloud Decisions

Cover for Three Key Performance Factors for Public Cloud Decisions


Cloud computing plays a pivotal role in accelerating enterprise transformation globally. As public cloud adoption continues to rise, it has become accepted practice to base cloud vendor decisions on service catalogs and pricing tiers. But this overlooks one critical area: network performance.

This inability to measure and compare public cloud performance has been a significant blind spot for enterprises. Shouldn't something as fundamental as performance be at the forefront of your purchasing decisions—especially when your business is at stake? This eBook shines a spotlight on the three key performance factors that should drive your public cloud decisions.

Read this eBook to learn:
  • How to adopt a data-driven approach when choosing between AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • What cloud connectivity architecture means for end-user performance
  • Why multi-cloud can be the cure to performance variations between public cloud providers
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