Yottaa Delivers Accelerated
eCommerce Website Performance
Using ThousandEyes

About the Company

Yottaa's eCommerce Acceleration technology, offered as a SaaS platform, enables online retailers to improve eCommerce website performance significantly, ultimately resulting in higher revenues.

At its inception, Yottaa realized that so-called "websites" were becoming online applications that were leveraging highly distributed resources and services across multiple locations that embodied complex functionality. They also were seeing that shoppers were increasingly using different types of mobile devices for online purchases.

Yottaa has since helped online retailers to speed up their sites, improve shopper engagement, and increase conversions, all resulting in higher revenues and customer satisfaction. Key retail brands such as The Container Store, Moosejaw, Fullbeauty, Hallmark, eBags, Jockey, and Crayola, just to name a few, rely on Yottaa to improve website performance and increase eCommerce conversion rates. Yottaa's software is currently serving over 1,500 eCommerce websites around the world.
Established in 2009, Yottaa is a privately held company. Product/Industry: Cloud Acceleration Platform for eCommerce Websites Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts Use Case: Website Performance Monitoring, End User Experience Monitoring
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The Challenge of Maintaining High-Performance eCommerce Websites

Online businesses with eCommerce websites continue to struggle to provide optimal digital experiences for their customers due to the continuing rise in the complexity of online applications and the requirement to deliver them to a variety of devices. As a result, end users' expectations for online experiences now far outstrip the reality of what is delivered to them, resulting in an "experience gap."

Yottaa's eCommerce Acceleration platform enables online retailers to close this gap by improving their website performance across all devices, resulting in higher conversions. Their platform does this by accelerating and optimizing the loading of third party eCommerce technologies, high-resolution images, and other website elements. However, delivering a highquality eCommerce service at scale required that Yottaa focus on monitoring networks beyond its control. At the initial phase of introducing its services, Yottaa was solely reliant on Amazon Web Services but then started moving hosting out of AWS into colocation facilities. New network operations responsibilities began to emerge such as managing their network peers. It quickly became evident to Yottaa that they needed some way to understand what was happening with their peers upstream from the service that they were providing.

Yottaa experimented with some tools (Catchpoint, Dynatrace) that seemed capable of providing network monitoring, but they didn't offer the external network visibility detail they needed. When Yottaa first started migrating from AWS, a first critical need was looking for BGP route updates that were happening upstream, and since that project started with a limited number of Internet peers coming into the Yottaa network, it was critical that all of them were available at all times. Mike Maberry, Director of Customer Operations at Yottaa said, "I knew of ThousandEyes from prior experience. ThousandEyes immediately gave us the BGP routing visibility at the network layer and the BGP routing path changes that I was looking for on all of our Internet peers, so we could make sure they were always healthy."
Network paths

"We haven't seen the BGP routing visibility ThousandEyes provides in any other network monitoring tools or services. That's key for us since for a proxy service like Yottaa, we need to be able to know how our service is going to get to our various customers' origin servers, and then ultimately to the customer's end users."

Ben Trafton
VP, Customer Success
As an example, Trafton explained, "Fullbeauty Brands happened to be a ThousandEyes customer and then became one of our customers after we showed the integration between the two environments. First, we set up ThousandEyes tests directly to their site. Then for comparison, we also provided a connection through Yottaa. Based on the improvement shown in that performance measurement, they understood our value proposition and began the rollout of Yottaa across their various brand sites". When Yottaa goes into a formal proof of concept trial with a prospect, they set up ThousandEyes to monitor to the customer's origin, allowing them to detect issues as to whether the origin is responding correctly. In addition to that, Yottaa also runs page load tests that can be used to compare with and without Yottaa integration as well and can present that data to the prospect as part of the trial wrap-up. These tests are then carried through into the commercial deployment so that the customer has reports in ThousandEyes to benchmark how the combined solution is performing with Yottaa as compared to the committed SLA. Trafton added, "Having visibility from ThousandEyes is critical when it comes to renewal time since it's all about proving what you've done. In today's market, when Yottaa helps someone improve their site response from seven seconds down to four seconds, they might forget that after a few months. Being able to provide them with past performance metrics and show them before and after deploying Yottaa is very helpful." BGP Route visualization
Figure 1: Linear BGP route visualization.

"ThousandEyes helps our customers see, experience and understand that commitment and the positive outcomes we deliver for the user experiences they're offering."

Ben Trafton
VP, Customer Success

ThousandEyes Helps Yottaa Compete More Effectively in the Market

Yottaa, as part of its business model and commitments to its customers, guarantees a 20% performance improvement using its solution. This commitment, along with transparency about what their solution can achieve for customers has become an integral part of their business value proposition. Using ThousandEyes both internally for site operations, as well as in every phase of engagement with customers from pre-sales to post-sales and renewals, has given Yottaa the data they need to prove this commitment. Ultimately, being able to fulfill this commitment reliably and transparently with customers, has given Yottaa a competitive edge in the market. Trafton said, "We take our service commitments to our customers incredibly seriously. ThousandEyes helps our customers see, experience and understand that commitment and the positive outcomes we deliver for the user experiences they're offering."

Looking to the Future with ThousandEyes

Yottaa sees a future of greater integration with ThousandEyes. At this point, all the information they use to track customer deployments are displayed in multiple dashboards. Yottaa is investigating how to bring all of their platform reporting together with ThousandEyes report data, in order to enhance their customers' network monitoring experience. Trafton said, "We can see a lot of value in bringing all the reporting together for our customers into one place. The more information we can provide to the customer that reveals both real issues and non-issues around performance against our SLAs, helps us deliver a better experience and build more trust and credibility with our customers."

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