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Best Practices for Assuring SD-WAN Performance

Customer Story

Yottaa Delivers Accelerated eCommerce Website Performance Using ThousandEyes

Yottaa's eCommerce Acceleration technology, offered as a SaaS platform, enables online retailers to improve eCommerce website performance significantly, ultimately resulting in higher revenues. Yottaa's software is currently serving over 1,500 eCommerce websites around the world.

Delivering a high quality eCommerce service at scale required that Yottaa focus on monitoring networks beyond its control. At the initial phase of introducing its services, Yottaa was solely reliant on Amazon Web Services but then started moving hosting out of AWS into colocation facilities. New network operations responsibilities began to emerge such as managing their network peers. It quickly became evident to Yottaa that they needed some way to understand what was happening with their peers upstream from the service that they were providing.

Yottaa experimented with some tools (Catchpoint, Dynatrace) that seemed capable of providing network monitoring, but they didn't offer the external network visibility detail they needed.

Mike Maberry, Director of Customer Operations at Yottaa said, "ThousandEyes immediately gave us the BGP routing visibility at the network layer and the BGP routing path changes that I was looking for on all of our Internet peers, so we could make sure they were always healthy." Yottaa, as part of its business model and commitments to its customers, guarantees a 20% performance improvement using its solution. This commitment, along with transparency about what their solution can achieve for customers has become an integral part of their business value proposition.

Using ThousandEyes both internally for site operations, as well as in every phase of engagement with customers from pre-sales to post-sales and renewals, has given Yottaa the data they need to prove this commitment. Ultimately, being able to fulfill this commitment reliably and transparently with customers, has given Yottaa a competitive edge in the market. Ben Trafton, VP of Customer Success explains, "We take our service commitments to our customers incredibly seriously. ThousandEyes helps our customers see, experience and understand that commitment and the positive outcomes we deliver for the user experiences they're offering."

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