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Ultimate Visibility for Exceptional SaaS Experience

Delivering exceptional user experiences for SaaS applications can be extremely challenging. IT teams are tasked with delivering and troubleshooting apps across a complex and Internet-based network environment beyond their data centers that they no longer completely control, for end users who may be distributed in a myriad of locations. So when issues arise with a business-critical SaaS app, IT teams have little insight into the complete end-to-end service delivery chain, and are frequently left to rely on user-sentiment websites and “laggy” vendor dashboards for insight into outage causes and downtime impact. 

ThousandEyes Internet Insights: Applications Outages brings clarity and data-driven outage detection from ThousandEyes’ global collective data set. It covers SaaS applications that are critical to the productivity and operational continuity of today’s organizations, as well as major consumer applications that are used by millions (and in some cases billions) of Internet users around the world.

Definitive Data — So You Can Tackle Outages Confidently

ThousandEyes leverages a globally collected telemetry data set to surface application outages in near real time. It provides insight into the problem domain, whether it is a network outage, DNS, SSL, an application error, and more. Using this actionable insight, IT can eliminate further troubleshooting cycles searching for the issue and quickly (and confidently) communicate to internal stakeholders.

Visualize App Provider Outages Over Time

  • See real-time and historic views into the application availability of 75+ of the most important SaaS apps that your employees rely on, including Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft 365, and more
  • Quickly see which applications are impacted along with the associated errors, and correlate network outage information for complete cross-layer visibility

Understand App Outage Scope and Geographic Impact

  • Visualize the scale and geographic scope of application outages, enabling IT teams to understand whether an issue is isolated to a localized service outage or part of a wide-scale issue
  • Quickly see across macro Internet outage views, drilling into specific test views for a more complete picture and communication plan during an outage

Influence Your SaaS Providers’ Outage Response

  • Isolate outage error type and affected interfaces, and share this data with the responsible parties to influence the mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Enforce vendor SLAs, improve SaaS service provider selection, and conduct effective network planning leveraging one year of historical outage data.

See Internet Insights: Application Outages in Action

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Product Brief

Internet Insights™

Learn how Internet Insights enables operations teams to leverage aggregated Internet telemetry data—rather than public rumor—to rapidly identify, escalate and remediate business-critical network and SaaS application issues, as well as communicate more effectively with customers and providers.

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Why ThousandEyes?

Reduce MTTI of Application Issues

Reduce MTTI of application issues impacting employee and customer experiences with insight that can alert you before the SaaS provider acknowledges an unplanned outage.

Communicate Clearly and Confidently

Rapidly confirm and communicate notifications on application issues that are affecting app functionality for your employees or your customers.

Select SaaS Service Providers Effectively

Understand how the regional and global stability of SaaS providers perform relative to their peers over time and make informed vendor choices.

Get real-time insight into outages that impact the apps that power your workforce.

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