DNS Monitoring Across Networks

Without working DNS your network is dark. ThousandEyes
sheds light on the performance of your DNS infrastructure,
from caching servers to external providers.

Monitor Your DNS Servers, Resolvers and Vendors

ThousandEyes monitors the performance of DNS servers, resolvers and records in your network, those of your vendors and across the DNS hierarchy. See DNS performance side-by-side with routing, path tracing and application availability data to help you make more informed decisions. ThousandEyes gives you visibility to solve DNS problems such as server performance, caching errors, record misconfigurations and cache poisoning.

Troubleshoot DNS Server Errors

Easily monitor on-premises, hosted or third-party DNS servers to check availability, resolution time and record
mappings. Detect and diagnose issues with both authoritative DNS servers and local resolvers.
ThousandEyes DNS Server Monitoring

Monitor Authoritative Servers

Understand the connectivity to
authoritative servers with easy
auto-discovery, routing, path tracing
and availability metrics.

Check Local DNS Resolvers

Measure the availability, responsiveness and record accuracy of your local DNS resolvers, across
all office and data center locations.

A Smart Approach to Alerting

Easily customize, configure and export alerts on DNS availability, record mappings and DNSSEC.

See the DNS Hierarchy

Trace the entire DNS hierarchy for a record, from top level domain servers to the authoritative server
and understand if DNS infrastructure outside of your control is causing an outage or performance degradation.

Trace Queries Through the Hierarchy

Measure availability of each
server in the hierarchy, total number
of queries and query time.

Detect Cache Poisoning

Detect DNS cache poisoning in your network or in remote networks
by alerting on record mappings.

DNSSEC Validation

Verify the DNSSEC keychain
from the bottom up.