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Financial Services Companies Face Multiple Challenges

Outages from ISPs or cloud providers can result in business interruptions

Regulatory requirements focused on ensuring uptime and operational resilience

Degradation or malfunction of APIs from third-party services can affect customer satisfaction

Silos between departments can create inconsistent omnichannel experiences

Admiral Enables Visibility Into Complex Network Journeys With ThousandEyes

Assure Customer and Workforce Digital Experience With ThousandEyes

Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Superb digital experiences and application performance to meet customer needs digitally and at the branch office

Reliable Business Apps and IT Support

Optimal management and support of distributed networks, applications, and workers through enhanced collaboration between teams and service providers

Ensure a Modern Digital Infrastructure

Confident application and infrastructure modernization that provides high availability of financial services to consumers and employees

See Everywhere That Matters—From Home to Branch to HQ

Diagram showing how ThousandEyes helps across an end-to-end service delivery architecture

Ensure customer satisfaction by emulating app transactions.

Remote Worker

Monitor remote working infrastructure; VPN gateways, Wi-Fi and VDI systems.

CDN & DDoS Mitigation

Reducing risk of service disruptions due to DDoS attacks, BGP route leaks and DNS hijacks.

Internet, Data Center, DNS Providers

Support IT services and applications across your core infrastructure, cloud and WAN from each branch, call center and office.


Minimize outage impact from your upstream/downstream ISPs.


Visualize B2B connectivity and API functionality from external services such as payment processing.


Monitor productivity and collaboration tools such as Office 365, Webex and MS Teams.

Leading Financial Services Companies Trust ThousandEyes


Moving Money with Internet Insights™

A leading global payments provider ensures reliable transactions for its global customer base.

Providing Clarity in Multi-Cloud Complexity

Admiral, a leading UK financial services provider with 11,000 staff, serves nine million customers. To speed up service delivery, the company adopted ThousandEyes, energizing their IT department. This move improved uptime, productivity for hybrid employees, and the reliability of their digital channels.

Providing clarity in multi-cloud complexity

Absa Enhances Digital Experiences for Customers Across Africa

Absa looks back in time to identify how an ISP took down its data centers for about 10 minutes.

What Customers Are Saying

"Based on my experience as a network engineer, I can diagnose a problem four times faster with ThousandEyes because of the data that I’m provided."
Consumer Financial Institution
"ThousandEyes has also given us the ability to say, 'We’ve got extreme latency on these hops. How can we work with either a local ISP or with AWS, or is there some other type of optimization service that we can use?'"
Major Retirement Services and Advisory Company
"ThousandEyes has helped to deliver a more stable network that performs better, according to our customers."
Absa Group Limited
"ThousandEyes enabled us to identify issues on laptops where resources were under the minimum requirement of CPU and RAM."
Old Mutual

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