Get Visibility into All Segments
of Your Enterprise Network

From traffic between branches and data centers to your WAN and
external providers, Enterprise Agents give you deep network insights.

View Performance Within Sites and Across the WAN

Visibility from Within

Enterprise Agents can be easily installed
within your own network to provide
visibility to key services and applications.

Keep Tabs on Key Services

Monitor internally hosted services, SaaS
applications, VoIP traffic or external
partner, client and API connections.

Deploy Across Your WAN

See performance from data centers,
branch offices, call centers, retail stores or
parts of your supply chain.

Monitor a Wide Range of Apps and Topologies

WAN and Internal Apps

With Enterprise Agents, monitor TCP, VoIP, FTP and
HTTP-based traffic between any points in your corporate
network and WAN, as well as network device health.

SaaS and Cloud Apps

Monitor any SaaS, cloud or remotely-hosted
app from Enterprise Agents in your
branches and data centers.

Try Cloud Agents for an external, Internet perspective or Endpoint Agents for data from end user devices.

See Every Network Dependency for All Your Business-Critical Apps

With Enterprise Agents deployed in your corporate network, you'll get complete visibility from Layer 7 to Layer 2.
Quickly locate issues from application performance, network paths and BGP routing all the way to the health of your network devices.

Path Visualization with Network Devices

Deploy in Minutes to Your Favorite Platforms

Enterprise Agents are lightweight and can be installed on a variety of platforms
and devices, ranging from servers to routers to micro-appliances to laptops.

Supported platforms include:

(Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS)
Intel NUC
VMware ESXi
Microsoft Hyper-V
Juniper Networks NFX250
Cisco ISR 4000 and
ASR 1000 Routers
Oracle VirtualBox
ThousandEyes for Cisco Routers
Integrate Network Intelligence with Cisco ISR 4000 and ASR 1000 routers and use existing infrastructure to build a cloud-aware WAN.
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ThousandEyes for Juniper Cloud CPE
Gain visibility into network performance and application delivery across your changing hybrid WAN.
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