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Enterprise Agents in the Modern Enterprise Network

Enterprise Agents are specialized software probes that are strategically deployed at key points within your network, such as data centers, branch offices, and virtual environments like virtual private clouds (VPCs) and virtual networks (VNets). Their core function is to evaluate the performance of your applications. They accomplish this by using a combination of active and passive monitoring techniques. Active monitoring sends test transactions through the network to measure how well it is performing, while passive monitoring observes the real data flow without altering it.

Diagram showing an Enterprise Agent embedded within a network containing an Enterprise Data Center, Enterprise branch, the Internet, and a Hosting/SaaS Provider. Also present in the network are Cloud and Endpoint Agents.
Campus and LAN

Gain end-to-end visibility across devices, LAN, service providers, and service components, such as DNS, DHCP, and cloud/SaaS networks.

SaaS Performance

Monitor availability and performance of business-critical SaaS applications, such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Webex by Cisco, and more.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Monitor the performance of on-ramp cloud connectivity between your data center and VPC, as well as inter-region and inter-availability zone (AZ) cloud network.


WAN and SD-WAN Readiness

Perform a pre-migration readiness audit, ISP evaluation, and application performance benchmarking, and gain visibility into the overlay and underlay network paths and performance.


Visualize the Modern WAN

Understand your network performance and the critical dependencies that might impact business continuity.

Perform an SD-WAN pre-migration readiness audit, ISP evaluation and application performance benchmarking

Correlated Intelligence Into Service Delivery and Performance

Correlate visibility across multiple layers from the application, network, device, and Internet routing for greater context around application performance.

ThousandEyes Path Visualization maps end-to-end network paths from Enterprise Agents to service endpoints across any network
Network Path and Performance

ThousandEyes Path Visualization maps end-to-end network paths from Enterprise Agents to service endpoints across any network, including SD-WAN overlay/underlay tunnels, and it visually presents BGP routes.

Application Performance

Monitor the usability and performance of SaaS and internally hosted apps by measuring page load times of individual web components or by using scripted multi-step transactions that replicate user interactions and validate API logic.

Device Health

Poll switches, routers, and firewalls using SNMP to collect device health data, such as memory, CPU, and performance-impacting interface metrics.


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See Every Network Dependency for All Your Business-Critical Apps

With Enterprise Agents deployed in your corporate network, you'll get complete visibility from Layer 7 to Layer 2. Quickly locate issues from application performance, network paths, and BGP routing all the way to the health of your network devices.

With ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents deployed in your corporate network, you'll get complete visibility from Layer 7 to L2
WAN and Internal Apps

Monitor TCP, FTP, and HTTP-based traffic between any points in your corporate network and WAN, as well as network device health.

SaaS and Cloud Apps

Monitor any SaaS, cloud, or remotely hosted app from Enterprise Agents in your branches and data centers.

Cloud Agents

Try Cloud Agents for an external, Internet perspective.

Endpoint Agents

Try Endpoint Agents for data from end-user devices.

Deploy in Minutes to Your Trusted Platforms

Enterprise Agents are lightweight and can be installed on a variety of platforms and devices, ranging from servers to routers to micro-appliances to laptops. ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent runs natively on supported Cisco Catalyst and Meraki routing platforms, as well as Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series Switches — so you can gain immediate insight into the digital experience of users connecting to any application over any network.

Supported Hardware Devices and Models

Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers (ISRs)*

Cisco Catalyst 8300 and 8200 Series Edge Platforms*

Cisco Catalyst 9300 and 9400 Series Switches*†

Cisco Meraki MX Series (MX67/C/W, MX68/C/CW, MX75, MX85, MX95, MX105, MX250, MX450)‡

Cisco Nexus 9500 and 9300 Series Switches*

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

*Cisco Catalyst 9300/9400 Series Switches, running IOS XE version 17.3.3 or newer; Cisco Catalyst 8300/8200 Series Edge Platforms and Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Service Routers (ISRs), running IOS XE version 17.6.1 or newer; Cisco Nexus 9500/9300 Series Switches, running latest NX-OS 9.3 release or newer

Requires Cisco DNA Advantage software subscription

MX and Z devices are not supported at this time; License Type: Eligible for customers with a license or trial for Meraki Secure SD-WAN Plus or Advanced Security

Software and Virtual Environment Deployment Options

Container for Docker

Installer for Intel® NUC

Linux package for RHEL, CentOS, and Ubuntu

VM for ESXi, Oracle VirtualBox, and Hyper-V


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Cloud Agents

Cloud Agents provide globally distributed vantage points throughout the Internet and are maintained by ThousandEyes. They are located in 200+ cities and are connected to Tier 1, 2, and 3 ISPs, broadband service providers, and regional data centers of major cloud providers.

Enterprise Agents

Enterprise Agents provide visibility from within your data centers, cloud VPCs/VNETs and branches. In addition to active monitoring, Enterprise Agents also offer SNMP-based monitoring, as well as discovery and topological mapping of internal network devices.

Endpoint Agents

Endpoint Agents offer end-user experience monitoring and deploy on Mac and Windows devices. Periodic user monitoring is performed via HTTP and network monitoring tests that include insight into routing paths. Real-time monitoring can be enabled via an optional browser-based plugin.

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