Monitor Office 365 from Any Location

Optimize your network to connect your global
workforce to Office 365 services such as
Exchange, Sharepoint, OneDrive and ADFS.

Proactively Identify Internet and Cloud Issues Impacting Office 365 Performance

"Now, we can immediately see where outages and network performance issues are taking place,
regardless of where the issue lies. With ThousandEyes, what was unknown becomes instantly visible."
Jamalh Lagrone Senior Enterprise Messaging System Engineer
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See Office 365 Performance from Key Points in Your Network

Measure Office 365 connectivity and web performance from Enterprise Agents
in key offices and Endpoint Agents wherever your employees are.

Measure Baseline Performance

Establish periodic baseline measurements
from lightweight Enterprise Agents
in your offices, data centers
and call centers.

Capture Real-Time User Sessions

Troubleshoot web and network
performance issues from employee
laptops and desktops with
Endpoint Agents.

Get End-to-End Visibility

Understand connectivity across
wireless and wired networks,
your WAN, transit providers and
Microsoft data centers.