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New ThousandEyes Product Features and Release Highlights: March 2023

10:00 AM—10:45 AM PDT

Webinar Overview

Join us for the latest episode in this quarterly webinar series, as ThousandEyes experts showcase exciting new product features and announcements. You’ll also see how you can start using them in your own environment.

This March 2023 edition will cover new capabilities related to:

  • Taming complex collaboration apps
  • Unlocking operational efficiency
  • Expanding visibility across use cases
  • Resolving app issues from more angles

We’ll demo these live, so you can see the power of the ThousandEyes platform for yourself and learn how to configure and use these new features.

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Webinar Presenter Brian Tobia
Brian Tobia Lead Technical Marketing Engineer ThousandEyes
Webinar Presenter Jonathan Zarkower
Jonathan Zarkower Senior Product Marketing Manager ThousandEyes
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