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Assure Patient and Clinician Digital Experiences with ThousandEyes for Healthcare

Webinar Overview

There’s no doubt healthcare is changing. Digital health records are the norm. Patient followup is online. Telehealth and remote work are becoming ubiquitous.

As more healthcare systems move to the cloud, your reliance on the network and SaaS apps to create positive care experiences is critical. In order to deliver quality care, you need to ensure that your patient, clinician, and employee digital experiences are reliable. 

In this webinar, you’ll see how ThousandEyes is helping healthcare organizations assure their network in order to:

  • Improve patient digital experiences
  • Reduce clinician frustration
  • Connect remote and in-person employees

Plus, you’ll see a live demo of how Healthcare organizations are using ThousandEyes to monitor digital experiences, including electronic health records (EHR), to help you provide the best care for all.

Webinar recording coming soon.


Webinar Presenter Allison Norfleet
Allison Norfleet Global Healthcare Leader Cisco
Webinar Presenter Suzanne Phillips
Suzanne Phillips Global Marketing Manager ThousandEyes
Webinar Presenter Christopher Hunt
Christopher Hunt Technical Solutions Architect ThousandEyes
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