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Getting Started With ThousandEyes Proof of Concepts: End User Digital Experience

10:00 AM—11:00 AM PDT

Webinar Overview

A proof of concept is an excellent way to showcase how a technology will provide immediate business value for your customers. To conduct a successful proof of concept using ThousandEyes, it's important to qualify the opportunity and outline what success looks like to that customer.

In our upcoming partner webinar, we will: 

  • Discuss what you need to know to run successful ThousandEyes proof of concepts, focusing on businesses that rely on hybrid workers 
  • Demo how you can capture interesting events within the platform during a proof of concept

This is the second webinar of our ThousandEyes Proof of Concept series. If you missed the first webinar, “Getting Started with ThousandEyes Proof of Concepts: Enterprise Digital Experience” you can watch the replay.

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Webinar Presenter Scott Eddy
Scott Eddy Technical Solutions Architect ThousandEyes
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