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Branch of One Summit: New Strategies for Hybrid Teams

By Kate Speights
| | 8 min read


In response to hybrid work's sustained popularity, ThousandEyes is bringing together leading brands and global experts to discuss successful strategies to support your distributed workforce.

Update: View the Branch of One Summit on-demand sessions here.

With the rise of hybrid and remote work, your team members have never been more distributed. To address this transformational trend, ThousandEyes is bringing together leading brands and global experts on May 17th (Americas) and 18th (Europe/Asia Pacific) to talk about one thing: successful strategies to support your distributed workforce. Introducing the Branch of One Summit, a two-hour event where we will have insightful customer conversations, share exciting news and demonstrate new product features. Not to mention the fun interpersonal interactions the attendees will share.

Distributed Teams Are the New Normal

Your workers are no longer centralized at a single physical office or even at designated workspaces within the walls of the corporate perimeter. Distributed teams are the unavoidable new reality of the modern workplace, and cloud-based applications—such as Webex and Zoom for rich collaboration, Slack for “water cooler” conversation, Google Drive for file sharing, and Asana or Trello for project management—embody some of the technology behind this distributed work model. A typical day for today's hybrid and remote team members consists of virtual team meetings with participants logging in from different locations (maybe even in different time zones). And using video conferencing and collaboration tools, they can cooperate as a virtual team and save in-person face-to-face time for special occasions.

New strategies and techniques to empower your distributed workforce are quickly on the rise in support of real-time team collaboration and flexible work experiences. That's because hybrid work is popular with everyone, from corporate directors and executives to managers and individual contributors. In a recent survey done by Webex by Cisco and MIT Sloan Management Review Connections, 68% of respondents said letting people choose where they work is a key driver of employee engagement and well-being. And why not when considering the benefits to company culture and talent pools on top of productivity that a flexible arrangement offers.

First-look Keynote 

ThousandEyes' Angelique Medina, Head of Internet Intelligence and Director of Product Marketing, and Alex Cruz Farmer, Principal Product Manager, will be offering summit attendees an insider's look at two exciting monitoring innovations that improve collaboration and call center application experience. Tune in to discover the power that comes with gaining insight into the digital experience of distributed employees. 

You'll leave this session prepared to enhance teamwork through improved video conferencing, gain more insights into UCaaS (unified communications as a service) collaboration functionality and experience, and change how you assure critical apps for your employees working anywhere. Moreover, the new capabilities you'll witness will enable you to rapidly remedy issues for hybrid and remote workers, more effectively manage vendors and streamline your workflows for frontline IT. 

Customer Presenters 

No summit would be complete without the customer's voice, and the Branch of One Summit has the honor of presenting several distinct ones from various industries. These leaders are successfully navigating the seismic shift to hybrid work, and they will offer attendees critical learnings so their organizations can similarly thrive. Some guest speakers you can look forward to hearing from include:


Tarek Sabry, Global Lead, Automation and Monitoring, HP Inc.

  • Even before the pandemic, Tarek Sabry, Global Lead, Automation and Monitoring at HP Inc., had begun to proactively monitor and report on his network. When the pandemic set in, his team needed to ensure that sales teams and call center workers could continue providing the same level of service, regardless of their location.  
  • This paved the way for a unique implementation of ThousandEyes within HP Inc.'s help desk operation, which promises to yield a reduced volume of manual tickets and a faster return to productivity for end users. Using the data provided by ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents, HP's network operations, engineering and architecture teams are not only able to resolve issues more efficiently but also be more proactive in assessing application performance for planning purposes.


Ted Sanfilippo, Associate Vice President Global Network Services, Sutherland

  • Ted Sanfilippo of Sutherland has a distinct challenge. It's not just ensuring that the 40,000+ globally distributed call center workers he supports remain productive. He must also ensure these workers can be effective when distributed across a diverse roster of well-known client companies, each with their own profiles, requirements and applications.  
  • With agents scattered from Colombia to India and all points in between, it's important that Ted's team is able to monitor each client's digital ecosystem, as well as interact effectively with remote employees at all levels of technical ability and within their unique work environments. Downtime for any of Sutherland's clients is not an option, so when things go awry, Sutherland depends on ThousandEyes Endpoint Agents to quickly assess and mitigate the issues, whether they stem from a regional ISP, a specific laptop or any other element.

David Smith-No-Shadow-400x400.png

David Smith, Vice President, Core Network Engineering Manager, U.S. Bank

  • As one might expect from one of America's largest and most diverse financial institutions, U.S. Bank operates quite a large and diverse network, supporting more than 70,000 employees and approximately 2,500 branch offices, not to mention the customers and business partners who rely on U.S. Bank's applications, such as payment processing solution subsidiary, Elavon.  
  • Our guest for this session, David Smith, has responsibility for designing and maintaining that network. 
  • David relies on data and visibility from ThousandEyes to ensure the availability and performance of the resources his end users and customers rely on, as well as to inform and assist with a number of strategic initiatives related to the bank's networks, data centers, and shift to the cloud. 

The Branch of One Summit is shaping up to be an incredible event for anyone interested in enhancing their distributed team model. The speakers, including an opening message by co-founder and GM Mohit Lad, are engaging; and our guest customers will surely share valuable insights about their experiences with scaling a distributed workforce. You won't want to miss this event.

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