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Exposing the Internet's Many Dependencies

By Sean R. Coombs
| | 3 min read


The Internet is a complex interdependent digital supply chain that is difficult to troubleshoot during an outage when you don't know where to look. This infographic shows you three common scenarios to help you prepare.

The Internet is a massive network of networks, made up of interdependent and interconnected services—from sophisticated public clouds to foundational services (like DNS) that keep the Internet running. It's a complex mesh that is often difficult to troubleshoot in real-time when major Internet outages occur. And, with a growing dependence on distributed systems in the workplace, organizations are becoming increasingly vulnerable to Internet disruptions originating from single points of failure.

A single outage can diminish customer satisfaction and cost millions in lost employee productivity and revenue. And when one occurs, customers only see the downtime, not the underlying cause of that downtime. They will see the lagging application or the 404 error on your login portal and assume it is your company’s fault—not the ISP or the cloud provider upstream.

To avoid this pain, you need visibility into the vast ecosystem of Internet connections that deliver your digital services, from end to end, so you can quickly identify the root cause—whether that is within your network or on the Internet. Better real-time visibility can help you take action to respond to and resolve outages quickly, before they affect your employees or your customers.

Pinpointing the Problem Domain 

The digital supply chain is the backbone of our global Internet economy and the source of connectivity that we depend on for our livelihoods. But, like any chain, its components–including DNS, CDNs and other ISPs–can break. And if they do fail–be that through human error, a cyberattack or even a natural disaster–the impact on consumers and businesses can be devastating.

To help illustrate how disruptions or breaks in the digital supply chain can have far-reaching ripple effects nowhere near the source, we created this infographic (available below). It shows three scenarios where a disruption in the service delivery path can interrupt app usage by hybrid workers, IT operations, and consumers.

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